Pre-wedding photoshoot thoughts

Yes, I had my pre-wedding photoshoot done in early April and I’d say it was fun, albeit very tiring. It’s no joke having to do hair and makeup for almost 2 hours, and then posing and trying to smile naturally. It was also my first time using falsies and my eyes were super heavy and tired by the time we ended the shoot. Got back to the studio to return the gowns and stuff, and I promptly removed the falsies. They had cost me $20 (MU artist’s charges) and I was contemplating if I should retain them for future use. Then I thought about how tiring it was for me to open my peepers wide, and they went into the bin immediately.

The last I want is people to say “不像你 leh” when they see my photos, so I opted to have natural look makeup since I hardly put on makeup normally, and I don’t fancy heavy eye makeup. For hairstyles, I browsed through Instagram endlessly and decided that I like sideswept styles – romantic chignons and ponytails.

2014-04-04 09.34.12 2014-04-04 10.18.18 2014-04-04 11.03.11 2014-04-04 13.00.00

2014-04-04 14.59.02 Shermaine, the MU artist from the bridal studio. At first, I was a little worried that she didn’t know what I wanted, but I decided to play it cool and just leave it to her. I mean, she’s a professional who has been doing this for so long, I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. And I’m glad I decided not to micro-manage because she did a great job and I loved my makeup and hair! One thing I’ve learnt was that the eye makeup may look heavy but it looks just perfect on screen.

2014-04-04 10.31.52 Thanks BFF for helping me throughout the day! Helping me buy breakfast, buy lunch, collect balloons, “jaga” our belongings, help me change, create lame jokes to make me laugh more naturally for the camera etc. I love you the most (after my family and ZH. HAHA)

2014-04-04 11.17.37 Me and my prince charming. ❤


Photo props are not a must, but they can add a lot of life and character to your final photos. We only decided on the props after we decided on locations – makes sense, otherwise the props might seem out of place?

I decided to not have fresh flowers for the shoot, but instead have giant crepe paper roses that I hand-crafted. (Actually, I later realised that the bridal studio didn’t prepare fresh flowers for the shoot… but they had lots of artificial flowers in the studio)


We also actually bought wooden letter initials from Typo ($2 each from Anchorpoint) but forgot to use them in our haste. Nevermind then… will keep them for the banquet dinner, and subsequently as room decoration.

IMG_3884 IMG_3883


1) Practice your smile in the mirror prior to shoot date. Not just wide happy smile, but also shy smile and normal smile. I didn’t prepare and didn’t know about how to achieve what the photographer wanted initially, and now I fear 70% of my studio shoots will end up looking awkward.
2) Get your skin in tip top condition by starting your regular skincare regime at least 2-3 months before shoot date. Yes Photoshop can do wonders, but let’s try to be nice and not create so much work for others yea?
3) Research on your preferred makeup and hairstyleS. Yes, I emphasized multiple makeup styles and hairstyles because depending on your package, you might be able to switch up your looks in between gowns. Unless you’re the “cincai” bride. If so, then don’t blame the MU artist for not giving you the looks you wanted.
4) Check if your bridal studio has a photographer assistant and/or the makeup artist following you for outdoor shoot. Otherwise, you may want to enlist the help of your close girlfriend, be it to help carry your gowns, buy food, help you check your makeup and hair, help you change gowns, lay the train nicely for the photos etc.

Now I can’t wait to see our photos!

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