Weekend fun, weekend farm!

No more lamenting there isn’t anything to do on a weekend! Recently I came across this weekend farm   from an ex-colleague’s Facebook posting. His daughter had gone to the farm on a pre-school day trip and gotten a mushroom home growing kit. Super interesting to be growing (edible) mushrooms at home!  The weekend farm is a farm shop concept by Kok Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd, who also retails its pre-packed vegetables at supermarkets.

I went there with Mr Goh 2 Saturdays ago because I was bored and wanted to do something fun. It was a hot day, so we ended up buying some vegetables for my family and take a quick walk around the farm before we called it a day. Besides vegetables, there were also some goats, fishes and birds (not for sale la)… I suspect the goats are being reared for their prized fertilizer. LOL
IMG_4787 IMG_4788 IMG_4789  IMG_4777 IMG_4779

The vegetables were very fresh, having being harvested no more than 3 hours prior. On the website, it also boasts of their super pearly sweet corn, but there was none around when I was there at around 2pm. Probably sold out already. I wouldn’t say the vegetables are extremely cheap (after all, Giant sells 2 packets of imported vegetables for only $1.40), but they are reasonable for the fresh quality.
IMG_4792 IMG_4791 IMG_4772 IMG_4773

The prepacked and imported vegetables, such as the tomatoes from Malaysia, the bell peppers from Malaysia and the Chinese cabbage from China, are of standard pricing – similar to FairPrice.

As it was scorching hot, we were in desperate need for some drinks to cool us and there was this chiller fridge, displaying their homemade aloe vera drinks and desserts. Perfect for this hot weather! Both of us got the lime ice jelly which was very refreshing, but pity it wasn’t cold enough. Still I enjoyed the texture of the aloe vera bits within the ice jelly.

Besides the vegetables, there were also some other sellers, displaying their dried fruit snacks, their homemade goodies, and some frozen seafood I think. The farm also has a section of potted flowers and plants such as aloe vera and pandan.
IMG_4781 IMG_4784 IMG_4782 IMG_4783

We went back a week later for some weekend fun and also to purchase the dou miao home growing kit! They also have the kit for kang kong, but kang kong requires lots of water and sunlight – too much fuss for me.

I’d recommend this place for a family weekend outing and a regular place to get your fresh vegetables if you have a car. As there is no public bus that goes past the weekend farm, the only way to get there would be by private car or taxi. A real pity because there is a lot of potential for this place. Even without public access, the place was packed full of private cars when we went there!


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