Selecting photos for our pre-wedding album

This is a public service announcement for brides-to-be: When you choose your photos, please bear in mind that you will need at least 3-4 photos per series.

We were called up to do our photo selection mid-May and we thought we were well on our way to keep within our package and the number of photos included in our package (which is 38 photos). So after almost 2 hours of selection, we were down to 41 photos. Then the lady boss came up and dropped the bomb on us: in order for them to create a page in the album, there must be at least 3-4 photos per series. One series is a range of photos with the same background or similar colour tone.

For example, these 2 photos belong to a series. (Photo credits to

So we ended up topping up $1000 for 7 extra photos and 4 additional pages for our album. We ended up selecting 41 photos across 13 series (our package only allowed us to have 10 pages or 10 series). We found it really hard to delete 3 series of photos (which may mean 9 photos), so we decided to pay the money and select up to 45 photos. Naturally there were still one or two photos that we really liked but we couldn’t have them because it was the only photo out of the entire series that we liked.

What we realized was that we didn’t like the studio shots as much. There were 2 or 3 series that we dropped entirely because the photos were just hideous. I mean, the photographer wanted to go for a cool look and requested me not to smile in those pictures but the photos just ended up looking like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Quite disappointing because I was in the turquoise evening gown that I really liked for those photos. So not choosing any photo from the 3 series meant that I didn’t have much photos showing the pretty gown. But on the other hand, I was glad that the photos didn’t turn out nice because I really didn’t like the backgrounds chosen by the photographer, and also if I had more nice photos, I would need to pay more for those photos. LOL. Dilemma.

We liked the outdoor photos much more. But to our surprise, there were more than 1 series of photos per outdoor location. For example, there were 5 series of photos for our Blu Kouzina location. What it actually meant was that we couldn’t combine the photos from the 5 series to be placed together in a page. Similarly, the airport location had 3 series of photos.

For example, these 2 photos cannot be put together in a page (ignore the fact that they are 2 different couples, focus on the background la!). Photo credits: &

Oh well, we’ve paid the money and chosen our photos. Now, it’s all up to the bridal studio to create a new album for us. *fingers crossed tightly now*

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