Cafe Swiss: too good to be true

Last weekend, Dad and I went on a father-daughter bonding makan trip to Cafe Swiss. He had participated in a CIMB lucky draw and was one of the lucky winners for a complimentary lunch buffet for 2 at Cafe Swiss. Upon hearing that the restaurant is located in Swissotel, I had assumed that the quality is comparable to the other hotel buffets. Sadly, that was not to be.

IMG_5176 Cafe Swiss is situated in Swissotel Hotel, but nearer to Raffles City. In fact, it is actually more accessible from Raffles City (just take the escalator from Godiva booth).

IMG_5177 Moo-moo cow. I was really excited at seeing the Swiss logo because I was dying to try Swiss cuisine like raclette and rosti (the only kind of rosti I have tried is at Marche and I’m not sure if that’s a good indication of Swiss cuisine)

When I entered the restaurant, there were approximately 6 food areas:
Japanese (sashimi, cold seafood, soba, sushi)
Asian & Hot food (fried rice, baked fish fillets in cream sauce, lasagna, cauliflower gratin etc)
Roast, Pasta & Salads (as per the name)
Drinks (only normal coffee & tea – can’t remember where I read that it was supposed to be TWG tea, but I think it was Lipton lor)
Bread, cheese & desserts corner
Soup corner

IMG_5179  I started my meal with a bowl of cream of celery with olive bread on the side. To be honest, I hardly ever drink soup at buffets – waste of precious stomach space. However, the array of food available was quite disappointing, and thus I had to fill up with soup. The cream of celery was pretty tasty, but it needed quite a bit of pepper. The olive bread was yummy, with bits of olive evenly spread throughout the roll.

IMG_5178 The salmon sashimi, smoked salmon and gravlax were just placed on slabs, out in the open. Dad and I had several helpings as we love sashimi. But now that I look at this picture, I suddenly find it very unhygienic.

IMG_5180 We also took several helpings of the cooked prawns (on ice). Prawns were fresh and crunchy, and it tasted even better because Dad peeled all the prawns while I just ate. YAY for father love.
There were also steamed clams (pippis) but those were forgettable and blah. Super overcooked to death and bland. I took 4, but only ate one because it was that horrible.

IMG_5181 IMG_5182 IMG_5183 Having not much to choose from, I decided to cave in and had cheese. The different types of cheese were not labelled so I’m not entirely sure what I had. But I had mostly soft cheese (brie? camembert? I really have no clue) and one slice of hard cheese (tasted like cheddar).

There were quite a number of desserts as well – chocolate fondue, caramel and walnut pudding, cakes, tarts. But nothing I really liked. I did try them, but they were not of good quality. For example, the marshmallows that were for the chocolate fondue were hard and dense! The caramel and walnut pudding sounded good, but it was quite soggy and sweet.

After doing some research on Cafe Swiss, I realised that they often have 1-for-1 promotion for their lunch buffet, and that got me thinking. It probably isn’t very popular because how could a restaurant afford to have such promotions so frequently. I mean, think about buffets at Ritz Carlton (I must return to Greenhouse someday), Shangri-la, or even Royal Plaza on Scotts. Those are some very good quality buffets with a wide range of food and desserts, and not cheap.



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