Food Review: Spruce brunch

If you’re a big fan of brunches in Singapore, you should not be a stranger to Spruce. Serving up unpretentious, delicious food in a welcoming environment, Spruce first started operations in Phoenix Park (one of the places where the birds don’t lay eggs) in 2009. Three years later, they expanded to a second outlet at the Bukit Timah Fire Station. Not that Bukit Timah is very accessible, but much better for me since I’ve got a direct bus from home.

I have previously brunched at the Bukit Timah outlet with my boyfriend’s bunch of friends and have been wanting to return since. I had my wish fulfilled when I was due to meet up with an old friend one Saturday morning.

Garden breakfast

Garden breakfast

I decided to have the Garden Brekkie, a change from my usual big breakfast or eggs benedict choices. The Garden Brekkie, $19, consisted of a choice of eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, poached), avocados, fresh tomatoes, goat’s cheese, garden salad and toasted brioche. Everything on the plate was wonderful, except for the goat’s cheese because I cannot stand the hay taste. The toasted brioche was delightfully buttery and chewy and a carb monster like me, just couldn’t say no to it. I like my eggs scrambled and it tasted as good as it looked – soft, creamy, and not at all dry.

Cajun Hash

Cajun Hash

My friend ordered the Cajun Hash. Doesn’t it look yummy as well? The Cajun Hash, $16, has got roasted vegetables, potato and herb, topped with scrambled eggs, Hollandaise sauce and a side of Chipotle Sour Cream. It looks really really good as well, but I must have a side of brioche.

I’ve been looking through the brunch menu online several times now, and I must say that the Spruce Eggs Benny sounds very scrumptious! I have this strange craving for waffles recently and it just wouldn’t go away. The description of poached egg, corn waffle and bacon at only $15 (WHAT?! So cheap!!) had me salivating each time I read the menu.


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