Food Review: La Nonna – a taste of traditional Italy

I’ve been to La Nonna several times now, and loved it every single time. I think this place has never failed me. They have a extraordinary weekday lunch deal – 3 course set menu at $22++ or alternatively, a 1-for-1 offer for pizza, pastas and main course (go for this!!).

I have had their fried calamari rings, $19, on a previous trip and it was so good. Very fresh squid rings, non oily batter and the spicy arrabbiata sauce was moreish. But I found the portion small for the price. Or perhaps it’s just because I love fried stuff.

One of their must-haves for me is the linguine pasta with crab meat and tomato cream sauce, $24. But I usually like to change the pasta to something else, like penne or fusilli so it doesn’t unravel and splatter sauce on me. No extra charge for changing the pasta too. I tried capellini pasta once, but it got soggy really fast.

Linguine with crab meat and tomato cream sauce

Linguine with crab meat and tomato cream sauce

On my most recent trip to La Nonna, I was craving for truffle. Like seriously, I MUST have truffle that evening. So I ordered the La Nonna signature pizza, $23. It had tomato, mozzarella, Parmesan, asparagus, egg and of course, that heady scent, truffle. See! Doesn’t the egg look like a bright sun and oh-so-pretty?

La Nonna pizza

La Nonna pizza


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