Colbar, a thing of the past?

I really hesitated writing about this place, because I didn’t think much of it despite all the rave reviews I see online. But then, I don’t think I’m the kind who would not speak my mind just because I’m against the flow. So here it is.

IMG_5547 Colbar, according to many other blog reviews, is an eating place with lots of history. You can easily find many other reviews talking about its background so I won’t repeat it here. It is actually located really near to AYE, Normanton exit. I never knew this place existed despite working super close to there a couple of years back! And I’m even more amazed to know that there are actual families living in the blocks behind. It’s like a concrete kampung man! The interior of the place is really old school… it reminded me of those 1980’s TV dramas (I believe MediaCorp was still known as SBS then!), and be being a city girl, I don’t really know how to appreciate it.


It was still early when we arrived at 11am, and we forgot to withdraw cash (only $20+ on us) so we just ordered food and 2 drinks (a canned ginger ale, and a vanilla milkshake). They had a wide range of ciders and beers though, and I see that that could be the main draw for people to visit. The food… was meh.

He ordered the pork chop with chips and mushrooms. The pork chop was dry and didn’t have much flavor, while the mushrooms were not even heated up. It seems like straight from the can, complete with brine water. The only saving grace was the gravy.IMG_5550

I can’t remember the exact name of this, but I think it was the beehoon with gravy? Anyway, it’s like horfun, but with vermicelli noodles instead. This was really bland. The beehoon didn’t have the charred flavor – it was probably blanched, while the gravy didn’t taste like it was cooked with the rest of the ingredients. It almost felt like the chef had cooked all the ingredients separately and then assembled them upon receiving the orders.

Would I go there again? Unlikely.


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