Food Review: Nassim Hill

I would never have thought to visit Nassim Hill Bakery if not for the fact that I have a 1-for-1 coupon redeemed from my Starhub loyalty points. Reason being the location sounds very inaccessible but I couldn’t be more wrong, and thankfully the coupon gave me reason to visit.

The place was actually very accessible! It was just located behind the Tanglin Post Office. We took a bus from Dover MRT because there were 2 buses there that goes to Tanglin Post Office (106 and 105). If you’re coming from the same direction that I did, alight AFTER Gleneagles hospital. After which, walk towards Tanglin PO. Then you could choose to walk up the slope (yellow highlighted route), or choose to cut through Swiss Butchery and exit on the other side.
nassim hill

It was close to 12 noon when I arrived and the place was crowded! Even to the point of disorganized and to be honest, the mess and chaos were major turnoffs. We stood at the door for almost 5-7 minutes and no one bothered to acknowledge our presence. Granted that the staff are busy, but I don’t see how they can walk past us several times and ignore us totally. Then after we got a (dirty) table, the dishes were not cleared and the table not wiped down for at least another 10 minutes. Geez, talk about first impressions.

But all was well when the food arrived. Since it was lunch there, we didn’t want all-day breakfast meals and opted for something more substantial – double decker burger for him, hot reuben sandwich for me. We also decided to top up one of the main courses to make it a meal, complete with soup.

The soup of the day was cream of cauliflower and it was very tasty. The sweetness of the vegetable came through without being too raw. I don’t know how to describe the flavor of raw cauliflower in layman’s terms, so I hope you know what I mean. In my job (I’m in the food industry), we use “sulfurous” to describe it. I especially liked the slice of bread that came with the soup – it had a light crust and a yeasty note.

The burger was small though… only about my palm size (I have relatively small hands). The fries were piping hot and fresh, so we were still satisfied with the portion.

I opted to have the hot reuben sandwich, mainly due to raving reviews I read online. And it wasn’t a disappointment. The sandwich was chockfull of corned beef, sauerkraut and cheesy. The portion was huge, even bigger than the double decker burger and it was still cheaper!! Very value for money. An absolute enjoyment.

The establishment is also pet friendly (of course pet owners sit at the alfresco area together with their pets), and we saw so many dog owners bringing their pooches while having a cuppa. Overall, we paid only around $25 (including taxes) for our entire meal thanks to the 1-for-1 voucher so my sandwich was FOC.


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