Food Review: Melody’s Kitchen

I was just surfing the internet randomly and reading some guy’s food blog and I saw this review of Melody’s Kitchen in Bukit Batok, and its signature dish is White Bee Hoon! OMG 白米粉!!! After having the Sembawang You Huak white bee hoon, this is a MUST TRY for me! Somemore it is situated in Bukit Batok, so near to my place. Though it is in Bukit Batok, but the exact location of Melody’s is a little ulu, it being situated within an industrial area. But luckily it was near my dad’s workplace so I found it without much difficulties.

IMG_5800 (the signboard says Melody’s Kitchen, so I’m not sure why the link says Melody Street.)

The place was pretty quiet on a Friday evening so I guess they have yet to build up their clientele. We were seated immediately upon entering the (small) eatery. After we have placed our orders, we glanced around the eatery and thought that the owner(s) might be wanting to do a little too much with Melody’s Kitchen.

The entire eatery was small, only able to seat maximum 40 pax at a time. But it also had a “private” dining room for a table of 8 (already included in the 40 pax), and a bar counter where you can enjoy your alcohols. But the food it served was mainly tze char. All these, in an air-conditioned environment. So I’m not very sure what kind of eatery is Melody’s Kitchen, nor the theme of the place.

Since we were the third table there, our orders were served quickly.

IMG_5820 The main reason why we were there: white bee hoon. While it didn’t quite match up to You Huak, it was still enjoyable. The gravy was full of umami goodness and the serving was decent for $8 (medium size). The only thing we didn’t quite enjoy was the squid – obviously blanched in plain boiling water before being added to the dish. The squid pieces were bland.

IMG_5821 We also ordered a stir fried nai bai to go along with our carbs because I’m now quite a lover of vegetables! My love for vegetables only started after I started to date Mr Goh (who is also a huge vegetable lover). $8 for a small plate of vegetables, but cooked to perfection. I love nai bai because of its “golden ratio” of leaves to stems.


So though Melody’s Kitchen isn’t in an ideal location with lots of foot traffic, it still serves up decent meals at a good price. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly affordable, but I wouldn’t mind eating there again since it’s near my place and it has air-con! Perhaps I shall do a date night with my dad one day after work!


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