Room for 2

The plan is for ZH’s younger brother to move out of the room and move in with their elder brother. So we need to do some renovation works for both rooms, and at the same time, his parents also wanted some custom carpentry work done for the living room and to change the laminates for the kitchen cabinets. So my future in-laws decided to start renovations for the house in June when the weather is still dry.

It started with the boys packing all their stuff into boxes and putting them out onto the (half-sheltered) balcony. The beds were shifted out to the living room (the old sofa set was discarded). I took some pictures of the room when it was totally bare, except for the built-in wardrobe which has yet to be hacked away. As you can see, we didn’t have a lot of space in this room. The estimated dimensions of the room are 2.6m wide (wall to wall), and about 3.5m length (window to door). TINY!!!


His parents also requested for the contractor to do floor polishing. It was then I decided that there will be no parquet flooring in my future home. It costs quite a bit of money, and yet it is not maintenance free. You can’t vacuum the floor, can’t mop the floor, can’t drag stuff across it (for example, luggage or chairs with wheels). To be honest, the parquet floor is still driving me mad because I’m quite an OCD freak. I can MagicClean the floor and still see dust particles immediately after. Or perhaps auntie just bought fake MagicClean wipes that don’t clean so well. I’m also not allowed to mop the floor, which I can understand because water warps the wood. But she doesn’t even allow wet wipes on the floor, even though those wet wipes are suitable for wooden flooring!

ZH's new room Layout done using

The room was completed in a month – flooring, new built-in wardrobes, the new mirror storage and delivery of the new bed. Since the room is puny, we cannot have a normal-sized dresser, so I was obsessively surfing around on the Internet, taking measurements etc and finally found the perfect size – the BRIMNES Mirror Storage from IKEA. The length of the mirror was 138cm, just enough to make it a full length mirror when I stand away at a distance. The price was even better, only $99!


Our bed is a queen size one from Getha – we chose the Eco Kingdom 10 mattress. It features a plush top and is full latex. Actually, we don’t really care much about whether it is full latex, coils or whatnot. We just went along with what felt right to us. We did a whole day of bed testing and still liked the Getha mattress the most. I also don’t feel much disturbance when ZH turns his body, and that boy is quite a “turner”! When we used the old coil mattress, it feels like I’m going to bounce off the bed when he turns his body!

I’m quite picky about bedsheets, and so I often go for minimum 300 threadcount or my latest obsession, microsatin material. There’s a new (expensive) material called Tencel which is much smoother than any other material I’ve come across. The flowery auntie bedsheet set you see below are of Tencel material and was only $69 for a queen size set (considered cheap since Tencel sheet sets usually retail for around $200-$300!). 


The boy couldn’t do without a proper computer desk (we were using a bar trolley previously) and so his parents bought this table for him. Not my favorite piece of furniture in the room because it’s not a must have IMO, and it takes up my walking space. We got this from V.Hive. The table is one of the most compact desks available (trust me, I’ve searched for a suitable table for ages, but the only ones of our required dimensions are those similar to Table Mate), but yet it’s not small enough.


The wardrobe had non-adjustable shelves and I was quite annoyed by it because there is a lot of wasted unused space. For example, the space meant for my dresses is far too long (ok, I’m short so none of my dresses are long enough to fully utilise the space). I decided that we needed some storage units for better wardrobe organization. However that part of the wardrobe has got some weird dimensions – it is very narrow, but deep. It measured 28cm wide by 50cm deep.


I searched high and low for a drawer unit that would fit the dimensions of the darn wardrobe, almost for 5 weeks. I tried IKEA and Daiso, and finally found what I wanted at Muji. It is a little expensive at $16 per drawer, but it was the only storage drawer that could fit the narrow space. I’m currently using it to store the extra set of bed linen, and put the box of undies on top of it. Finally, some “sanity” restored!

IMG_5739 IMG_5740


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