Melbourne 2014 – Badger Creek Blueberry Farm

Berry farms have always been one of my favorite places to visit when traveling, but somehow, as I was telling Beatrice, I have a knack/penchant for going to the berry farms when it’s off season. So I hardly have a chance to do berry picking. BUMMER. Since I can’t pick berries, I shall eat berries! Like what we did at the Badger Creek Blueberry Farm.

We were the only visitors on a weekday morning, and so we had the luxury of the entire “cottage” to ourselves. Service was warm and welcoming and the snacks were delicious!

IMG_5090 Brownie, ordered by ZH as expected. I frankly wouldn’t have ordered the brownie because who goes to a berry farm for brownies?! But anyway, it was served warm (gooey insides, I like!) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. YES. My boyfriend had a brownie AND ice-cream for BREAKFAST. Please don’t judge him.

IMG_5091 Mixed berry pancakes. Freshly cooked with a mixture of berries and ice-cream. The pancakes were soft and fluffy.

IMG_5092 English scones with berry jam and cream. I love cream with scones! The jam wasn’t too sweet or artificially flavored too.

IMG_5093 Raspberry friand with cream. ‘Twas good, but a little dry on the inside.

IMG_5088 While waiting for our food, ZH went to explore the surroundings a little and saw that the farm has this area to rear chickens! Free-range chicken, anyone?

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