What I did in Germany

Or maybe I should be more city specific and say “Bremen“! Because I was living the life of a housewife. No, seriously I was. I wasn’t travelling around Germany like an avid tourist.

For the first week, I was like a dutiful wife, waking up early together with my husband and ate breakfast with him. For breakfast, we had muesli on most mornings because ZH bought 2 large boxes of that before I arrived, so we had to clear those up or throw the balance away when we left. But in any case, cereal/muesli was fine since we didn’t have time to head out for breakfast anyways.

After he got changed and went off to work at 8.30am, I would then do the dishes, handwash some clothes (because we didn’t have a washing machine and the hotel charges 6 Euros for a bag of clothes – I’m too cheap for that, so I wash the clothes in the bathtub and hang them out in the living room or balcony to dry).

Sometimes I would slack around in the room, playing Farmville and chatting with friends on the GMT+8 timezone, but I’d still walk to the supermarket around 10-ish to get groceries for the day. Mainly to get out of the housekeeper’s way and also because my friends on the GMT+8 timezone would have knocked off from work and are on their way home.

After getting back from the supermarket, it would be around late morning and I’d whip up a simple lunch for myself. I hardly eat out because 1) the portion is too huge for me and I don’t like to waste food, 2) it actually costs quite a fair bit to eat out. Then it’s time for me to go explore what Bremen has to offer, be it shopping malls or tourist spots.

I usually cover one area in a day because I only have about 4 hours before ZH knocks off from work and I like to be home when he gets back from work. Sometimes, I do my routine the other way round, meaning I go out to the touristy spots in the morning, come back for lunch and go to the supermarket after that.

That was the first week.

The second week saw me sleeping in till 9am and ZH has already reached his office. HAHA. Yeap, I didn’t eat breakfast with him anymore. And because my second week there was also ZH’s last week in Bremen, we had to clear as much pantry and groceries as we can, so my breakfasts were a little more varied. Sometimes a fried egg with ham sandwich, sometimes muesli, sometimes a simple ham sandwich with whatever veggies I find in the fridge.

Bremen is a small city, and so whatever tourist spots and shopping malls they had, I’ve already been there in the first week. So I merely just took walks along the river (a stone’s throw away from the hotel), or head to the city centre to browse through the farmers’ market, or just walk around looking at stuff around the city centre. There was one day I even went to IKEA. Obviously I didn’t purchase anything from IKEA but it’s good to compare prices anyhoo. LOL

It may sound like I wasted 2 weeks of my time in Bremen, not doing much, but I suppose that’s going to be the way I live after marriage. And I had better get used to it fast!


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