Food Review: Penang Street

So you’ve read about me travelling to Germany for 2 weeks and might have seen some of my meals via Instagram. Though I don’t mind potatoes and meat, I do miss my Asian fare, in particular my stir-fries and Japanese food!

On Tuesday, after our pre-LASIK tests (yes, I’ve decided to go for the LASIK surgery – more on that later!), we headed down to the basement of the medical centre and got ourselves a table at Penang Street. It’s a no brainer for me as I always get Penang Char Koay Teow (S$8.80) when I go for Penang food. ZH decided on their signature Nasi Lemak (S$9.80) because “grilled chicken thigh” appealed to his palate. Oh my love, we’re going need to cook separate meals in future because I’m not a fan of chicken. LOL

The food arrived very quickly as though it was pre-cooked and zapped in the microwave (but it was definitely cooked to order!!). The fried koay teow noodles had hints of wok hei which I thought was an indication that this was going to be good. However, that impression didn’t last long as the noodles were clumpy as opposed to being separated by strand, and the prawns were obviously frozen before being cooked. I soon got tired of the smoky taste and couldn’t help but did a comparison between Penang Street and Gurney Drive. (I used to like Penang Place at Fusionopolis, but I haven’t been there in ages, so no comparison)

The nasi lemak, on the other hand, was pretty good. Or at least the rice and the grilled chicken as I only got a mouthful of these 2. The rice was fluffy though not very aromatic/lemak. The chicken was surprisingly good! I believe the chicken was marinated in turmeric, setting it apart from the usual fried chicken. I’m surprised that I liked the chicken because I don’t like turmeric marinated fish (also a common side dish for nasi lemak).

Food aside, I loved the décor at Penang Street. It reminded me of the 1980’s and 1990’s with the wooden tables and chairs, pastel colours (predominant colour was turquoise!), and the classic Peranakan style tiles on the wall.

Will I go there again? Don’t think so. The location caters more to the medical centre there, and I wouldn’t have a reason to go there!


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