Food Review: Yayoiken

Singaporeans love food. There’s no doubt about it. This Singaporean girl loves cheap food, affordable food, and good food deals. So the Singaporean boy brought the Singaporean girl for a dinner at Liang Court after their hair treatment, and the Singaporean girl was satisfied.

The choice of restaurant was Yayoiken where they offered free flow of rice with any set combo. Very interestingly, Yayoiken actually boasts a long history of 125 years (that’s very long!!). On its menu, you will find some very unique choice items such as grilled mackerel and eggplant, chicken chop and hamburg on grill plate. I’m not quite sure what the concept of the restaurant is since some of the meals they serve are quite homestyled, but yet they have that chicken chop and hamburg set, but I’m pretty sure they serve up good food.

ZH decided on a Mix Toji Set (S$13.90++), which is beef slices, pork cutlet and ebi prawn topped with egg. He loved it, so did I. There wasn’t anything to fault, except maybe I wanted more of everything! Haha. The sauce was especially good with the rice.

I, on the other hand, decided to have the Buta Shogayaki set (S$9.90++), pork slices stir fried with ginger. The onions and bean sprouts still retained their crunch and were nice palate cleansers for the otherwise, rich tasting pork and gravy. The set also came with a small salad which was served with my favorite sesame mayo dressing.

It was a very nice dinner, after all the potatoes and pasta we had in Germany. The free flow of rice wasn’t really necessary since we are trying to watch our waistlines, but it definitely was a good enticing tactic!


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