What I ate in Germany Part 1

It’s going to get hard to do a day by day post of my 15 day trip in Bremen, so I’ve decided to split the entire trip into ‘sections’ – what I ate, what I did, what I saw, where I went, what I bought. First up, as always, food is the dearest topic, so just a quick recap of what I ate, cooked or bought.

Day 1

My first meal was actually rostbratwurst (€2.10) – a  sausage in a crusty bread roll. We didn’t actually know how to order it because neither of us spoke German and I didn’t know what was it called in German, so we just pointed at what we wanted. We followed what everyone else did – stand around the cocktail tables in front of the food kiosk and finish up the food before moving on. The rostbratwurst was yummy and so easy to eat (didn’t require any utensils!). At €2.10, it was also one of the cheapest meals we had in the entire trip.


That same night, we cooked something more fanciful, apart from the usual spaghetti and jarred pasta sauce that ZH makes for himself on weeknights. We went to the supermarket and bought ourselves some bacon slices, fresh mushrooms and chicken fillets. I modified the recipe a little as I wanted to maximise what we already had in the pantry. For the sauce, I used powdered soup (mixed with a little water, not too much or it won’t be a sauce anymore) and I served it over spaghetti for a more substantial meal. It was delish! So little work for so much flavor!
IMG_6256 IMG_6259


Day 2

We shared a rollo (bought from the kebab store at the Bremen Hauptbahnhof). It was €4 for 1 rollo, so I suppose this was even cheaper than the rostbratwurst we had the previous day. This rollo was sooooo good! Granted the beef slices were a little dry but I guess it’s a given with any kebab since the meat has been grilling for “dunno how long”. But the chili sauce that they put in the rollo more than made up for it! It tasted like a magic mix of mayonnaise, sweet chili and siraccha. Love the shredded veg they included as well – tons of fresh, crunchy veggies!

We also had the most wonderful gelato in Bremen, and it only costs €1 per cone! This was at Weserpark Eiscafe Venezia. Ice cream was not on our minds when we entered the mall (after all, it was kinda cold outside), but we saw many people having a cone in their hands and decided to go check the hype. The gelato was extremely rich and the cheap price definitely made it even yummier!

For dinner, I decided to make a pseudo-Shepherd’s Pie. Why “pseudo”, you may ask. Because I didn’t use mashed potato for the topping, and I didn’t really cook the mince according to recipe. I used this recipe as inspiration and just made it up as I went along cooking. The potato topping was mashed up frozen bratkartoffeln, because that was bought by ZH a week ago and still sitting in the fridge. The filling was just sauteed onions and garlic with beef mince and frozen veggies. It didn’t really taste like a shepherd’s pie but more like just beef mince and some potatoes. Will definitely need to “beef” up the taste (pun totally intended! LOL)


Day 3

I tried to make the man a nice hot breakfast instead of cold muesli on a cold morning. So I pan fried 2 bockwursts and 2 eggs for the man. Those eggs were super fresh!! Something simple since I didn’t have much to work with.

For a mid-morning snack, I had a butterkuchen. €0.90 for the slice you see below

Insert tidbit here: I was at the farmers’ market snooping around the food trucks. The friendly lady “hello-ed” me and asked if there was anything I would like in German but I didn’t know what was good (there were no tags nor labels). So I asked what was good in English and she couldn’t understand nor speak English. She probably guessed what I was saying and started to ask if I would like this or that or that etc. And I picked up on the word “butter”! I remember reading about this popular Bremen snack cake with the word “butter” in it! And so “one slice please”.

It was a cross of bread and streusel cake, with the base dough slightly chewy (like a focaccia) and the middle a little moist with lots of butter dotted in between. The toppings were sugar with sliced almonds.

I subsequently tried a few more different bakeries but none of them were as good as this.

For my first lunch alone, I decided to have a Nordsee mix box (fried prawn, fish fingers and calamari rings with some wedges), with a cup for soy latte from Starbucks. The restaurant at the city centre was packed to the rafters so I decided to do a takeaway box from the Hauptbahnhof and luckily I did because the guy at the HBF spoke pretty good English and so did the Starbucks guy. Interestingly as well, the Starbucks guy also spoke a bit of Mandarin (!!) because he did an exchange program at an university in Beijing.


ZH wanted a simple instant noodles dinner. I supplemented the dinner with some leftover mince and veggies. Instant noodles were brought over to Bremen.
IMG_6374 IMG_6376

Raspberries were on offer at the supermarket, only €1.79 for a 250g punnet! That’s about S$3, whereas it would cost around S$6 for a 80g punnet here!


Day 4

I was at the outlets shopping park this day and they didn’t have many food choices available, PLUS it was drizzling so I zipped into the nearest familiar store – MacDonalds! Gosh, everything was expensive there so I picked the cheapest meal which was the Filet meal at €4.99 (I think)

It was homecooked dinner again: onion omelette and cabbage with meatball soup with rice. If you notice, the same ingredients have been appearing in several of our meals (because the supermarket didn’t have any smaller packets!) LOL

Day 5

Made french toast with a side of oven roasted tomatoes for breakfast.


Lunch was just a currywurst (€2.40), not that I wasn’t hungry but I was upset with myself for forgetting to claim tax at Primark (about €17). So after I was done shopping, it was a quick lunch at the food court and a gelato cone (Raffello flavor, but the cone wasn’t good) and I went home to mop over my mistake.

The currywurst was pretty good and I liked that they sprinkled curry powder over the sauce, upping the spice factor. But it was quite a lot of sauce, and it was pretty salty too.

Dinner was much better since I cooked curry chicken and a side of stir fried cabbage/lettuce and mince, topped with fried onions. We invited the boys over for dinner. I bought a total of 1kg of chicken thighs and I was glad that the boys polished them off! We only had the curry gravy left over and I used that for lunch the next day.

Curry paste was brought over from Singapore, and it was our favorite A1 brand! I actually spent around 1 hr at the supermarket that morning because 1) I wasn’t sure which chicken parts to purchase (they were all labelled in German, so I had to stand around and wait while Google Translate was loading at snail pace), and 2) I couldn’t find evaporated milk and Google Translate told me “kondens milch” is evaporated milk. Er…. I don’t read German but I’m pretty sure that kondens milch is sweetened condensed milk. Anyhoo, I took a picture of the packet and sent it to my German colleague in Singapore to help confirm. LOL.


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