The proposal story

3 months countdown to the wedding! And I’m finally revealing details on the proposal night.

With the pre-wedding photoshoot out of the way (a long time ago), many of my close friends and colleagues have asked “so has he proposed?”, and when I answered yes, their next question would be “how did he propose?”. I think many were hoping for a fairytale-like proposal with the whole shebang. But the proposal event was like the couple involved, very low-key, no frills and no brouhaha.

A couple of days prior to the photoshoot date, I had actually asked Mr Goh about the proposal. Yes, you got that right. I ASKED, not hinted, because my man doesn’t take hints well. Rather than trying to be coy and hint, and then get myself all worked up because he didn’t get my hints, I’d very much prefer to be direct now. So anyway, I asked him about the ring because our photoshoot day was nearing and I thought it would be nice to have the ring in the pictures. I mean, our wedding story is already topsy turvy, with us planning the wedding, the flat, the pre-wedding photoshoot and almost every other thing, BEFORE a proposal was planned. We had to get one thing right, right? 😉

Despite me telling him that I want a proposal before our photoshoot, I was totally unprepared for it. I was at the nail salon after work, doing my nails for the photoshoot. No ring also must have nice nails! Though I’m not quite sure why I did a pedicure since my shoes are closed toes. Anyway~~~

I had a full evening that day with the nail appointment and also I needed to head back to the bridal studio for a fitting for my evening gown (lucky thing I did because we couldn’t get the zip up! A huge panic moment then). So the man offered to pick me up from the nail salon in Clementi and send me down to the studio at Tanjong Pagar.


Do not be tricked by this photo. The ladies behind me were discussing on how much to alter because we couldn’t get the zip up. *COLD SWEAT*

After we did the fitting, we decided to go for dinner at De Burg. *Now that I think back, luckily I suggested De Burg because I initially wanted ban mian… now THAT would really be a simple no frills dinner for a special night. LOL!*

The food there was quite good for the quality and the pricing. I got myself a mini burger (a slider, really) as we decided to get a pot of mussels from SeaSalt to share. The mini burger was a good portion for me and I learnt to eat the burger the “right” way – leave the toothpick in the burger and eat around it. Otherwise the patty and veges would be “sliding” all around. The mussels were pretty fresh and tasty, but they still had the beards attached which made eating a hassle.
IMG_4463 IMG_4464 IMG_4465IMG_4466 IMG_4467

After dinner, we were thinking of where else to go, but since it was almost 9pm, we decided to head home. Upon reaching my carpark, I headed to the lift lobby, but the man suddenly told me to come to the back of the car and open the car boot. He insisted that I open the car boot though I asked him to open it himself (we watched too much CSI already… I was wondering what would greet me as the boot opened O.0).

As we stood at the back of the car, it suddenly dawned on me what was happening and I just burst into uncontrollable laughter. I opened it, and I was greeted by this beautiful sight of balloons. Instead of being touched to tears, I think I laughed myself to tears. Don’t be mistaken, I wasn’t laughing at my man, but it was just my way of dealing with embarrassment. I ALWAYS laugh like a loony when I’m caught nervous.

I whipped out my phone and started taking pictures of the set up, then I saw the message and THEN the ring box. Totally D’oh moment. But couldn’t really fault me… the carpark was super dark, and the light in the car boot wasn’t totally bright.

This couple here really scores an F for romance because the man said “so how?” instead of asking the magical question. The lady replied “ok lor” when the man finally asked the question. HAHAHAHAHA

The man isn’t exactly creative nor crafty, so I was pretty impressed that he did the entire setup on his own and even made the “sign”. So to remember this special moment, I’m going to frame up the sign!

About the ring – it isn’t the typical diamond solitaire ring because I didn’t want one. I didn’t want a normal diamond ring just because most of the girls have one. I’d rather have one that holds meaning to me, and it was this design since my mum has got a similar ring in her birthstone, and I really like it (still do!) so I requested for Mr Goh to make me one with the sapphire stone. My birthstone is actually turquoise and tanzanite, both not suitable for such designs, so I settled on another blue stone: sapphire. I know that the design is a dupe for Kate Middleton’s ring, but obviously it isn’t as big (it costs the price of my HDB flat!), but I still love it! The colour of the stone is perfect to me, and obviously it was hand picked by my soulmate!


Me having the same design as Mum, it made the ring all the more special.

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