Come here for beef noodles!

GRUB has been expanding rapidly these couple of months, with FIX (blog post soon… I hope!) and GRUB noodle bar. I’ve been seeing a lot of their FB advertisements and when I saw that a friend of mine liked their page, I decided “ok, I’m going!”

The noodle bar has taken over the previous location of Cookyn Inc, which isn’t very travel friendly for me because I have to change at least 2 MRT lines in order to get there. And we had to walk about 300m before reaching the place. #workoutbeforeafeast

The menu is fairly small and simple with only 3 types of mains: assam laksa, pork noodles or beef noodles. They have been advertising their beef noodles so much that I just had to get it. I decided to go for the rump while ZH went for their special that day (seafood/prawn noodles) and we shared an appetizer.
2014-11-22 18.02.43

I love open kitchen concepts in restaurants – means that there’s nothing to hide, everything should be freshly cooked, not heated from a packet.
2014-11-22 18.07.33

We shared the scallop tataki (S$15) which was delightfully fresh and sweet. It says “lightly torched with mustard glaze and mandarin orange segments”, but I don’t think it means “aburi” style. Anyway, we couldn’t stop picking up slice after slice! The salty glaze highlighted the sweetness of the fresh scallop sashimi. A definite must-try when you’re there.
2014-11-22 18.08.41

On to the mains: The beef noodles were aplenty with handmade beef balls and rump slices in the soup (S$15). *The soup came lukewarm and I was quite baffled because the temperature wasn’t hot enough to cook the beef slices. So I decided to take a chance and ask one of the servers what should the temperature of the soup be. Turns out that the entire pot of soup wasn’t hot enough and the kitchen crew took immediate action and replaced my soup. They also approached another table who ordered beef noodles (but didn’t question about the soup) to replace their soup. Thumbs up for (proactive) recovery action.

Taste-wise, I thought that the beef balls were a little tough, quite similar to italian meatballs in pasta sauce, but still ok la. The noodles were like Chinese la-mian, absorbing the sauce very quickly and was a little dry, though that can be remedied by putting a couple of spoonfuls of the awesome-max soup. No MSG so you can drink up every last drop! Beef slices were tender and very value for money.
2014-11-22 18.23.06

ZH’s seafood noodles, on the other hand, were quite a miss with us. It lacked the oomph of seafood flavor and was a very normal bowl of noodles, garnished with prawns. Still, not one to waste food, the boy finished up everything.
2014-11-22 18.28.59

Our empty bowls. Oh! The cincalok sauce was super good with the beef slices! As with all other GRUB ventures, please come quickly if you wish to try what I had for this meal. The GRUB team is constantly updating and revamping their menu and so, some dishes may be taken off the menu if you wait too long. *still sad about my favorite slow roasted pork belly being taken off the menu at GRUB Bishan*
2014-11-22 18.44.50


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