Wedding invites: settled!

Finally another wedding update! Haha, both ZH and myself have not been doing much prep work for our wedding. We have always thought that since we have already settled our pre-wedding shoot (everything collected and sitting in the storeroom now), and booked the banquet, there really isn’t much left to be done. Or is there?

Then come mid November, I suddenly started to panic when I realised that we don’t have as much time left to prepare for the wedding as I had thought. Granted, we were still a good 4 months away, but me being me, I don’t like last minute cock-ups stuff and would rather plan the activities in a way such that I still have time for a breather in between.

So I created a list of all the activities that need to be completed and arranged them in a countdown timeline, complete with deadlines and PIC (person in charge). #eventplanning I needed to have this list in order to be able to breathe and calm down and tell myself “everything is right on track”. ZH, who isn’t quite the planner, didn’t seem amused by the level of details I had put in because he likes to play by ear, which quite frankly, irks me sometimes. ANYWAY. I got him on board this checklist and put him in charge of a couple of things. He’s gotta do something right?? 😛

Together, we decided on our wedding colours after so long. No wedding theme because we are not creative people and we didn’t want to spend extra money on stuff.

The first item on our to-do list was to settle the invites and guest list. It is peak period for printing firms and I wanted to get the first batch of invites out by end of the year (busy period for the mailmen as well!). Since our banquet package included free cards, we decided to save some money and go that route. The first vendor provided was not quite up to my expectations. They only had 6 designs for us to choose, and each design came with a fixed colour. I tried searching for reviews on this vendor online, but I got nothing except their own website results. Thankfully, I was going through the folder I received when we signed the package and noticed that the hotel actually engages 2 card vendors, and the second vendor was a popular one.

Promptly I emailed them for a selection of card designs and they replied within a day, with more than 30 designs. They also mentioned that we can pop by their shop to view other card designs within the categories. COOL. We changed dinner plans and went to the shop instead the very same evening.

It didn’t take us very long to decide what we wanted, since I have been doing desk research and bugging ZH non-stop about our wedding invite this entire week. I guess, I am quite a bridezilla. OOPS.
We both liked the simplicity and elegance of this invite! After discussion with Connie, the card vendor, we decided to just get the card sleeve first since it was free for our package, and we will get back to her on our decision of the insert. FYI, the inserts are additional costing for the wedding couple (only the blank cards & envelopes are included in the package cost).


I decided that I will print elsewhere after seeing the high cost of insert printing quoted by Connie. Thanks to work connections, my printing vendor is willing to print my inserts for me at a lower price! This is a much better option for me because I didn’t like run of the mill templates, so I will be able to customize the design and colour of the insert at no extra charges. YIPPEE!

It did take quite a while for the designer to come back with her proposed design based on my initial sketchwork done on PowerPoint, but all in all, I think they still did a good job. They have to, right? After all we still have a close work relationship going on.

That’s one thing off my list, and on to the next step: getting my dad to volunteer his writing services for the cards! Uncle Tan has got very nice hand writing (both English and Chinese) and since young, I’ve always liked him to write my name on all my textbooks, even when I was in Sec 4! 😀

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