8 days into the new year

Hello, hello everyone! Yet another year has flown by so quickly… gosh, it didn’t seem to be this fast when I was in school. Hmmm… wishing you guys had a great 2014, and are going to have a wonderful 2015!

2014… the year that was…

Jan 2014: it was CNY period and I made a resolution to blog weekly. Well… that kept up for a while, and then I dropped off the radar. In this month, Mr Goh and I also decided to take the leap of faith and applied for a HDB flat, and also started to make plans for our future.

Feb 2014: We applied for the HDB flat in Jan and we got a really good number to select our flat in Feb! I guess we were lucky that not many people were vying for the same project since we got it on the first round. I’ve heard of people trying to get a flat for years!

Mar 2014: I spent most of March eating and the most memorable was Savour festival. Really good! That reminds me to check when is Savour this year…

Apr 2014: As Mr Goh was originally planned to go for an overseas posting in July, we decided to take our pre-wedding photos early. We did lots of homework and research on where to go for our outdoor shoot. And through it, we discovered Blu Kouzina restaurant. I also visited Melbourne with Mr Goh and my parents (but I have yet to blog about it. HAHA)

May 2014: We selected our photos for the album (boy, was it tough trying to select 40 photos out of 300+ photos!). We were a little irrational (by my standards) and topped up $1000 for extra photos and album pages. I also discovered Sembawang white bee hoon this month and now I absolutely love it.

Jun 2014: Mr Goh “kicked” his younger brother out to bunk with his elder brother, renovated his room and now we’ve got some sort of privacy. Furniture and bed selection process took us really long, but I’m glad we did it so now we know what to look out for.

Jul 2014: Again, staying true to my style, I blogged all about food this month. Especially memorable was the brunch at Spruce. I surprised myself by ordering a Garden breakfast and I truly enjoyed it. In fact, every time I pass by that place, I tell myself I’m going back for seconds.

Aug 2014: I tried to start blogging about Melbourne, by writing about the food we ate there. I also had a couple of tuna “recipes” that I should start making again to resume my diet and shed some fats. It was also Mr Goh’s birthday month, and on his actual birthday, we met up with B & folks (they came to town) and had Dancing Crab. Interesting experience!

Sep 2014: My dear mister went to Germany for 7 weeks, starting on the last day of August (after his birthday meal at Dancing Crab). I was kinda lost and bored without him. I mainly stayed home on weekends and caught up on my dramas and blogging backlog. This month, an old buddy from my first workplace finally got married as well!

Oct 2014: I visited Mr Goh in Germany for 2 weeks. I didn’t travel around Bremen that much since I couldn’t speak the language. We did spend a weekend in Berlin with his German friend though. Whirlwind 36 hour trip!

Nov 2014: I went for Lasik!

Dec 2014: My birthday month and also Christmas. Things in the office have started to slow down so I could spend a little more time on planning the details of the wedding. I’ve also sort of forgotten that I’m the bride and ate non-stop (The Chop House, Batam seafood, Grub noodles).

It seems like I’m still blogging regularly, but actually not. Truth be told, I often write up a number of posts in a go and just schedule them. Now you know. Haha. So, forget about making resolutions for the new year!

2015 is finally here and I foresee it’s gonna be fun and exciting. I already know my 2015 timeline will be filled with babies (my friends’, not mine!!) and Mr Goh and I are making plans for something exciting to be announced later this year (it’s NOT a baby).


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