Recipe: cold soba noodle salad with honey soy dressing

I came across Beatrice’s insta postings where she posted pictures of her weekday lunches, tabao-ed from home, and the hashtag #pbmademepacklunch. I LOVE seeing pictures of food (if you see the explore function of my instagram account, you’ll see 65% food, 30% babies, 5% random pictures), so I clicked on the hashtag and lo and behold, lots of food pictures to look at! Super droolicious. Don’t say I never warn you: don’t browse on an empty stomach!

Today, I made myself and my husband (so weird seeing me type this word huh? LOL) packed lunches: cold soba noodle salad with egg omelette, broccoli, oyster mushrooms and pork shabu.

No hard recipe to follow, except for the honey soy dressing.

For 2 servings, I used the following

  • one bunch of soba noodles, cooked till al dente
  • one small floret of broccoli, cut into small pieces and boiled (I reused the soba water)
  • 2 eggs, beaten and pan fried into an omelette. Cut/chop into small pieces.
  • one packet of oyster mushrooms
  • two servings of pork shabu
  • honey soy dressing

For the oyster mushrooms and pork shabu, it was lightly stir fried in the same pan after cooking the egg omelette, without adding additional oil. Mushrooms release water, so there wasn’t any need to oil the pan – the pork shabu slices were so thin, they essentially just boiled in the mushroom water.

I used the recipe from for the honey soy dressing, leaving out the crushed red peppers because I didn’t have any. The dressing was easy peasy and ready to use in 1 minute. I mixed everything together with the dressing (leaving out the egg omelette first) and portioned it out before scattering the omelette on top.

Best served chilled.

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