Signed and sealed: it’s final!

Woo hoo! My event of the year, of my entire life, was gone in a flash 2 weeks ago. Every one I knew was commenting that I looked pretty relax and chill. My response was “I had an entire year to plan this ‘show'”. And that was true. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel an ounce of stress on the eve of the Big Day. The only time I felt ‘sian’ was when a friend told me at the last minute that she couldn’t attend due to work commitments (erm… you had at least 3 months to plan ahead) and I had to reshuffle some tables around. I ended up paying for 1 extra table when we didn’t utilize it. BAH.

But still, I was pleasantly surprised that the day just zoomed past before we knew it. Luckily so, because we both could not stand being in the limelight. Everyone was telling us “you cannot do this, you cannot do that” OMG. Please just let me do as I wish, if you say today is my day, and the couple is the “biggest” (as in priority). I just wanted to run away with my groom.



Anyway, we went for a short trip immediately after the wedding to break free from the stress and before the crazy workload and errands begin. Truth be told, I was more nervous and stressed about work – we have a major regional meeting planned for end of April but nothing was confirmed yet until late last week. Comparing work to my personal event, I think I had it better with my own event. Haha.

2 weeks as a Mrs already. If you ask if we are enjoying married life, we probably would tell you we don’t feel any difference. Haha. So sad. We always call ourselves ‘old farts’ because we don’t party and we prefer to stay home, if possible.

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