Recipe: Tuna tofu patties


I love tuna, but sometimes I can also get sick of tuna mayo in my packed lunches. This recipe from Just Bento sounds easy enough, and it helps to empty out the container of miso that has been sitting in my fridge for ages. I prefer to double the recipe as it will then use up the entire block of tofu (rather than leaving a half piece around), but I only use 1.5 tablespoon of miso (rather than 2 tablespoon) because the miso I had was on the salty side. I also added finely minced carrots into the recipe for more texture and colour.

What I recommend is to do a taste test first as different brands of miso have varying levels of sodium. Just pan fry a small piece and try the taste. Better than frying up the entire batch, only to find that it’s super bland. *oops

In my above picture, I packed the tuna tofu patties for lunch, together with some stir fried red spinach, and spring onion scrambled eggs. I would imagine this being perfect for a cold salad too.