Recipe: Sambal okra with prawns

Some call this vegetable as okra, others call it lady’s fingers. And quite a number of people I know dislike this vegetable for its slimy texture. To be honest, I used to hate it too. That is until I moved in with my 2 housemates during uni days. My friend was a huge fan of vegetables, and she introduced me to many new dishes!

Over the weekend, my helper and I found ourselves with a pack of okra that my dad had bought before he flew out to Shanghai. The usual way my family cooks okra is to throw them into fish head curry. But I’m not a fan of fish curry and it’s just too much effort cooking the dish.

So I decided to cook it with sambal for Monday’s dinner , and since we had some leftover prawns from Sunday’s grocery buy, I just chucked those in as well. You now know how I roll in the kitchen right? Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style.

  • a pack of okra (about 300g I reckon), sliced on a diagonal
  • about 200g of prawns, deshelled
  • a tablespoon of sambal belachan
  • 1 large onion, thinly sliced
  • sugar to taste
  • water (around 100ml?)

I first sauteed the onions in some oil until soft. It brings out the sweetness of the vegetable, and also partly because I hate raw onions. Dish it up. Add more oil and flash fry the okra. Dish them up too. Then add the sambal into the now empty pan/wok and fry until fragrant, then quickly add the prawns into the pan/wok and stir fry a bit. Add in the soft onions and okra into the same pan. Add water and simmer till the vegetables are cooked. Add sugar to round the taste if required.