Macau / Hong Kong 2015 – Part 1


Picture and text heavy post alert!

Read on to find out: traveling to Macau from Hong Kong, where to stay in Macau, what to eat in Macau.
So yes, I realised that I have not had a chance to pen down our getaway to Hong Kong and Macau after the crazies during the wedding. I wouldn’t call it a honeymoon nor a mini-moon (whatever that means!!) because it wasn’t the first time we travelled together, and we didn’t feel any different on this trip compared to our other travels. On the contrary, we both thought that the Alaska-Korea trip that we took in 2013 felt more like a honeymoon to us. Haha. We are such old farts. Anyway, because we didn’t have much time and money to spare after the wedding, I planned a trip to Macau and Hong Kong because the husband has not been there before. We originally wanted to go New Zealand, but due to budget and time constraints, we decided to leave it for some time later. Food was the main highlight for our holiday, so I didn’t spend too much on accommodation and flights. We were lucky that Singapore Airlines had a promotion around the time I wanted to book tickets, so we went for SQ, utilizing my KrisFlyer miles at the same time. In total, we paid around $520 for the 2 of us including taxes for the 2 of us – our second choice was to Scoot there and Jetstar back for around $500, so SQ was a much better deal. 1920050_940815979302348_7272095543795784973_n I had planned for us to fly to Hong Kong, then take the ferry across to Macau and stay 2 nights there. From the airport, we took the airport express train to Kowloon station (HKD$140 for 2 pax, 1 way ticket), then boarded the free K2 bus and alighted at the China Ferry terminal. Well, of course we could have taken the ferry directly from the airport but the ferry tickets were more expensive there. 11055383_940815985969014_3724015309409220812_n The airport express train and complimentary bus transfer were a breeze to navigate. At the ferry terminal, we bought ferry tickets at a discounted price of HKD$300 (from a ticket peddler I believe) and waited to board the ferry. One thing we would have done differently though (and we did it on our return trip to HKG) was that we didn’t really have to check in our luggage. Yeah, there were signs requesting us to check in our luggage bigger than X size, at a nominal fee of HKD$50 per piece, but it wasn’t really enforced. When we were waiting to board the ferry, we saw almost everyone boarding with their 28-30 inch luggages. We felt like complete fools then. Upon arrival in Macau, we went to search for our shuttle bus to Holiday Inn Macau. The hotel bus station is located across the main exit of the terminal. Do note that the signages for the transfers to Cotai Strip are much bigger (and it may seem like hotels in downtown Macau do not have bus transfers) but there’s only one area for shuttle buses, so just walk towards that direction, and you’re safe. 11081164_940816042635675_4322522081448804147_n I have been to Macau once, and stayed at Hotel Royal and Venetian Macao. But I preferred the old quaint charm of the city centre, as compared to the Cotai strip. So I opted to stay at Holiday Inn Macau (there are 2 Holiday Inns). Price was also more affordable. I milked the fact that we were on our honeymoon when I made the room reservation, and the front desk pleasantly upgraded us to club floor room on the 27th floor. SCORE. 10985900_940816099302336_603469164797866183_n The room was pretty big for 2 pax and very comfortable. We enjoyed complimentary WiFi and a welcome drink each (Tip: do not go for the house red wine. It was DISGUSTING). The bathroom was huge and a glass window that looks out to the room so we can watch TV from the tub. I loved the signature toiletries from the hotel as well… lemongrass and lavender scents. 10408583_940816035969009_7715001087165018746_n 1545632_940816089302337_1253783755866204246_n It was already around 4pm when we finally got settled in the hotel, but it was according to my schedule. I sometimes can’t believe the way I plan holidays. There’s no spontaneity at all. Haha. We strolled for about 10 minutes before arriving at our destination: Fisherman’s Wharf. To be honest, I was hesitant about visiting this place because I couldn’t find much information on it. And whatever information that I could find online, all said this wasn’t really exciting. But still, I was intrigued to look at the structures within the theme park (at least it was advertised as such), and I read that there was a good Portuguese restaurant within. 10987385_940817762635503_4917745390866437003_n My goodness… If Fisherman’s Wharf was a prime spot for tourists, I definitely couldn’t tell at all. It was like a ghost town, for the lack of better words! If I wasn’t with ZH, I wouldn’t dare to step foot into the place. It was huge, with different thematic zones, but nary a soul in sight. It was probably fantastic for photoshoots since you won’t get photobombed, but because it hardly had visitors, the place lacked the funds to keep the shops afloat and maintenance of the place. 1466205_940817869302159_8674233684151859139_n We came across a strip club within the theme park, and we thought it was strange, considering that this place was advertised as a family friendly place. LOL. Different cultures. We also found a Portuguese restaurant there but it seemed expensive and quiet, so we changed our minds about dining there.


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