Macau / Hong Kong 2015 – Part 3


Picture and text heavy post alert!

Read on to find out: what to eat in Macau, where to go in Macau, where to stay in Hong Kong, what to eat in Hong Kong.

On our way back to catch the bus back to Sands hotel, we had to cross the food court inside Venetian. Before embarking on our food journey, my friend highly recommended us to try the “very nice pork bun sold by a shop at the corner of the food court”. What a nice description, friend. When we walked past the shop, I remembered and requested to buy one to try. Looking at the signboard, I was getting more excited because it is the famous Tai Lei Loi Kei pork chop bun!

11081138_940818959302050_5304531760496717621_n 11083663_940818992635380_5819830484207075005_n

The bun was expensive though, HKD$55! My goodness… who told me food was affordable here?! I liked the crisp bun and the tender pork chop, but still it wasn’t a perfect 10 for me. It lacks the fresh crunch of vegetables and some acidity. It also was also a little dry overall.

We are heading back to Hong Kong on Day 3 afternoon, so it was finally time to visit the St Paul ruins in the morning and be snap happy! I cannot function well without a good breakfast, so we headed to Wong Chi Kei noodle place (which was within the vicinity of Senado Square). The service here was a vast difference from the Portuguese place we visited on Day 1. Luckily, food was great, and we did not do anything to incur the wrath of the service staff.


I always order dumpling noodles when I see it on the menu, and 8 out of 10 times, he will order wanton noodles. We added in a blanched vegetable dish for good measure. Thankfully, we ordered the vegetables, because it ended up being the only vegetables we ate for the entire trip (not including the pittance vegetables that are included in the meat dumplings and what not).

Since we were at the ruins, I also brought ZH to the St Augustine Church and also Monte Fort where we had a paranomic view of the Macau peninsula. It was gorgeous up there.
11065868_940819175968695_1765280806957865792_n 10394552_940819209302025_468918332126584126_n

I spotted a food vendor near an alley in Senado Square and he was making these little golden biscuits by putting little balls of dough in between heated plates. It smelled really good so I bought 100g of it. I went back to the hotel and googled it, apparently these biscuits are salted egg biscuits, with salted egg yolks as the main ingredient.
11046557_940819249302021_6387912395986978568_n 644445_940819259302020_6838543385019079943_n

We didn’t manage to eat any Portuguese egg tarts on this trip due to my improper planning. I know that we will pass by Margaret’s Cafe E Nata after visiting Senado Square, but I forgot to check their off days. Turns out that we went on a Wednesday, and they are closed on Wednesdays. DOH. We were supposed to take the 1pm ferry back to Hong Kong, so there wasn’t enough time for us to visit Coloane area for more egg tarts.

Upon arriving back in Hong Kong, we took a short cab ride to Shanghai Street, where our accommodation for the next 4 nights was located. Hotels in HKG are pretty expensive and not worth the price for the space you get. The last time I visited HKG, I stayed at Imperial Hotel which cost me about SGD$120, but this time it was close to SGD$150-160 when I checked.

One of my friends recommended Silka Seaview hotel located in Mongkok, but I still found the price unappealing. I was on the website and played around with the map to see what other hotels are available near Silka. I came across Chi Residences. Never having heard of it, I googled further and found many reviews on credible websites such as TripAdvisor and Agoda. The ‘room’ seems big for the price – in fact, it was like a studio apartment, complete with a living area and a kitchenette.

Chi Residences have several properties in pretty good locations. They don’t have a property in Tsim Sha Tsui but I’m cool with that. After all, I’m getting a much bigger and cozy room for a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel price, and the location is not that shabby at all. There’s no view to boast of, but I don’t really care. I’m not in HKG for the view… I’m there for the shopping and the food. Oh, did I also mention that Chi Residences provide a complimentary handy for your stay in HKG with unlimited mobile data? That is super convenient as I had originally planned to purchase a mobile data plan to help us navigate around HKG. With the handy, we didn’t have to pay a single cent.

Our dinner that night was a simple but yet probably the most mind-blowing meal of our entire trip. We had dry meepok noodles with deep fried cuttlefish balls and deep fried fishcakes at a nondescript shop in Tsim Sha Tsui (Kai Kee noodle – Address: G/F, 15C Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui). Sounds really normal right? We couldn’t be more wrong when we took the first bite of the fish cake. Seriously, our eyes burgeoned and we couldn’t stop singing praises about the texture and flavors of the simple-looking fishcake. The fishcake was freshly deep fried, with a crispy exterior and springy interior. The vinegar dipping sauce complimented the sweet fish meat.

While the food was great, we also took care not to over order for we are in HKG! There are loads of delicious gems waiting for our tummies to discover! After dinner, we walked around TST a little (actually, more of we lost our way) and stopped by Hui Lau Shan for some dessert. The husband loves mangoes so we shared a mango yuan yang (with black glutinous rice) and mango mochi. I loved the mochi – the skin was very chewy (QQ) and the filling was sweet and fragrant.

The night was still young when we finished dessert, so we strolled towards the Harbour, hoping to catch the Symphony of Lights show at 8pm. On the way there, we passed by many Sasas and Bonjours, so I couldn’t resist it and entered one of the shops. Found out that they were having a promotion for Bifesta cleansing lotion, and that the Nexcare acne patch was much cheaper in HKG than SG.13376_940819852635294_2086877670289598739_n

Only that there was one problem: we were supposed to be on our way to see the light show! We ZH ended up lugging the heavy bottles for me. It was a foggy night, so we couldn’t see the lights clearly. To make things worse, we were not dressed properly for the cold, windy night. And we were by the waters, so it was much, much colder! BRRR…


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