What is okara?

I recently posted a recipe for okara ‘potato’ salad, and some of you may wonder what is okara. To put it in simple words, it’s the soybean pulp that remains after you have extracted soymilk. Okara contains a lot of fibre and protein, and it can actually be eaten.

When I make soy milk at home, I’m often left with the soybean pulp. Sometimes, I mix the pulp with minced meat to make lighter and healthier meat patties, but when you use 1 cup of soybeans, you have A LOT of pulp leftover. I usually throw it away because it’s just too much. I wanted to be more sustainable and reduce the amount of food waste I generate, so I scoured the internet for ideas.

Below you will find my contribution for okara recipes.

Okara potato salad

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