Staycation @ The Scarlet Hotel

Do you get excited over staycations? I know I do! Of course, I would love myself a full-blown holiday, but staycations ain’t half bad when I’m strapped for time and cash. We got a 3 day weekend a couple of weekends ago, and I was desperate to have a ‘holiday’ with ZH but we couldn’t go anywhere because our passports was at the embassy, pending visa application. And anyway, ZH was in ICT until the day before the long weekend. I planned a surprise staycation for him while he was away. I started by planning the meals, then the hotels around the meals. Heh. What’s new from me right? I wanted a Korean dinner on Saturday, so I planned to have dinner at Chinatown, and then hop over to The Scarlet Hotel. TSH is also near my German school, so it was great for me because I can check in after class, and head home to pretend like we are only going out for dinner later (no overnight bags)! IMG_8423
I read from some online reviews that this back scratcher is for yours to keep?? I’m not sure, but I didn’t take it. This tantalizing ‘toy’ is part of the boudoir decor that TSH has used for the hotel. Sexy… for some. A back scratcher just reminds me of my ah ma. LOL~ I booked us a premium room (because I wanted a bathtub). I checked in a little earlier (around 1.30pm because it only took me 5 minutes to walk over from class) and my original room on the 2nd level was not ready yet, so the front desk arranged me another room on the ground level. “a room with skylight” I was told.

Upon entering, I was awed by it. It didn’t have any view to boast of, in fact the sky light was small (look near the curtain – that little bright space on the top), but it was fine. The room was warm and inviting, the decorations suited the theme of the hotel. Very nice. So many hotels nowadays have the same modern theme, so this was a nice change. The furniture were also well maintained, no holes in the chair, no stains on the carpet etc.

The washroom was bright and spacious, bathtub separated from the shower stall. The hotel had thoughtfully included a bag of bath salts for us to enjoy.

So after dinner at Jang Won, I lied to the husband, saying that I heard of a nice dessert shop behind Chinatown, slowly leading him to Erskine Road. By chance, we came across Tong Heng and so we bought 2 egg tarts ‘for breakfast tomorrow’. Then as we approached TSH, he asked “are you sure? This is a hotel leh… are you sure there’s dessert??” I told him that the dessert shop is within the hotel, and led him inside. Our room was on the ground level, and also towards the hotel gym (called Flaunt), which he thought was the name of the dessert shop. HAHA! He was a little bewildered when I suddenly took out my key card to open one of the room doors. Like HUH? LOL~ Surprise!

Though we were in Chinatown, we didn’t really do much outside the room, choosing to bond over TV (CSI Season 15!) since he was away in camp for a week. *we are both really sad that Nick Stokes is leaving the team… Why… *


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