Watching a movie in Bremen

We had our first movie experience in Bremen on Sunday. I’ve known that movies are expensive here, and I’m not surprised. I think movies are quite cheap in Singapore so we’ve been spoilt. (For reference, a movie ticket in Perth is about A$16-20 if I recall correctly.)

His colleague helped book the tickets for us for the new James Bond movie (we went as a group). According to Mr Goh, there are 2 classes of tickets – sorta like how we watch concerts. Just that in this case, the nearer you are to the screen, the cheaper your ticket. We were lucky to have booked our tickets early* and online, so we managed to get the last row of the cheapest section. The row behind us was the start of the more expensive tickets. That said, it still costed us 12.50 Euro each.
*By “early”, I meant booking on Thursday for a Sunday show. Apparently, the Germans still preferred to get their tickets at the box office.

I heard from the other guys that when they watched a movie previously, there were fixed toilet breaks, meaning to say that the movie will be paused intentionally and the whole hall gets up for a toilet break. Very strange, but I wanted to experience it for myself. Sadly, there were no toilet breaks for the movie I watched. Not sure why… maybe they couldn’t find a right timing for a pause?

The entire cinema complex was huge, maybe 4 levels with 10 screening halls. At the top level, there’s actually a slide for you to take down to the ground floor. Think of the giant slide we have in Changi Airport T3, and picture that in the cinema building. Yeah. Quite cool.

Though the movie ticket is kinda expensive, but there ain’t any other options if we really wanted to watch a movie (provided that we cannot find other screening “sources”). Pity that the cinema only has selected English films in its original language.


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