Sundays in Germany

It’s been raining the whole of today. From the moment I woke up and pulled up the window shutters, I see raindrops until now (it’s 4.30pm already). So we stayed in the whole day, had a awesome late breakfast cooked by the husband.
2015-11-15 16.18.30

And then we watched a movie (Horrible Bosses 2, by the way!), had a late lunch of frozen pizza while I baked some supposed butter cake muffins. I say “supposed” because I followed the recipe for a popular butter cake, but scaled it down to half since an 8″ cake would be too much for the 2 of us. Somehow though, my cakes turned out to be like egg cakes instead of butter cakes. Gotta find out what went wrong… hmm…
2015-11-15 16.15.09

I got annoyed with myself when I was preparing the batter because we didn’t have proper mixing bowls and I ended up having to use a POT as my mixing bowl. I was annoyed because I wanted to buy the mixing bowl set at the supermarket yesterday but my husband went “need meh?” which meant “I don’t think you need to spend more money, just use what we have at home”, and so I convinced myself that the 2 pathetic small mixing bowls at home will be sufficient for my bakes. So when the small mixing bowl didn’t fulfil my need, and I had to wash an extra bowl plus the entire kitchen (because butter and sugar flew everywhere when I turned on the mixer), I was annoyed.

The cakes turned out alright, though they looked like Chinese ingots instead. Hahaha
2015-11-15 16.17.16

Then I cleared out the fridge and made us a supply of chilli sauce meant for chicken rice. My secondary school friend passed me her mum’s recipe when I commented that I need to find more authentic chilli sauce for my chicken rice.  From the looks and smell of it, the recipe is legit. I can’t wait to cook chicken rice again but the weather has been wet and cold lately, so I’ve got soups and stews lined up for dinner plans this coming week.
2015-11-15 16.16.39

When my SAHM friend told me that she suffers from Monday blues as well even though she doesn’t have to work, I couldn’t really understand what she was telling me. But now I do. On some Sunday nights, I get a little depressed because the next day, my husband will be busy working, while I’ll be bored out of my brains. I try not to go out much during the week because there’s no fun in window shopping in this dreary cold weather. Sometimes, I keep myself occupied by purposely going to the supermarkets which are further away from my home and hence I need to take the tram(s), but I can’t be possibly going to the supermarkets every day.

I think I need to start working soon. This post is so random that I don’t know what exactly am I trying to achieve. Bah. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


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