Day trip to Hamburg

In our earlier days of planning the move, one of the things that got me really excited for Germany was that we will be able to travel around Europe for cheaper. Note that I didn’t say “cheap”, because bearing in mind that we are here on a subsistence allowance, even 10 Euro meals would seem to be a luxury.

However, we could do many day trips over these few years because we are already in Europe, travelling distance and time to other European cities would be much nearer and thus worth it, as compared to flying from Singapore. Case in point, Hamburg.

We did a day trip to Hamburg last Monday because Mr Goh needed to collect his new passport from the consulate there and I made him bring me there as well (or I would spam his phone while he’s away LOL). I bought special DBahn train tickets to Hamburg which entitles us a return trip ticket and also unlimited local public transport within Hamburg, for only 27 Euro. It was 23 Euro for the first person, and additional 4 Euro for each additional person. Cheap right? We likened it to taking a taxi to and fro Orchard from our place, cost-wise. Hamburg is only 1 hour 10 mins away from us, so Mr Goh wasn’t too bored on the train. Any longer, I might have to pack some snacks and coloring pencils!
2015-11-09 09.32.49

As the trip was only one week after our Paris.Milan trip, we didn’t really plan where to go and what to do in Hamburg. We only had 3 places in mind: 1) consulate – to pick up his passport, 2) Longchamp shop – to alter the strap length of my new bag, and 3) Liman restaurant – to have some affordable seafood.
2015-11-09 13.21.42 2015-11-09 13.52.00

After we were done with all the errands and lunch, we strolled around a little and checked out the bus route and saw “Singapurstrasse” as one of the stops. Hmmm… interesting! Since our DBahn tickets allowed us unlimited rides on the local bus, we decided to just take a ride and see what’s there!
2015-11-09 14.52.50

I was kinda ecstatic that there was a Singapore street in Hamburg. I mean, Singapore is a small country, so it kinda meant a lot to have a German street named after my country right? We also saw that there’s an Osakaallee, meaning Osaka Alley. I remembered from my German class that alley<street, so I thought “wah Singapore has more importance than Japan in Hamburg”. So I thought. Then I saw the map, and Osakaallee is actually a longer road than Singapurstrasse! What??! Cheh… Then my funny husband had to add “don’t worry la… you see Tokiostrasse… it’s also a street, and it’s a super short street”.


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