A look at my pre-wedding photos

I was cleaning up and organizing my blog and realized that I have not shared the photos from our pre-wedding shoot. I should, right? After all, we spent quite a lot on them, and we like these photos better than our actual day ones (how sad).

We did 5 changes of clothes (2 white wedding gowns, 1 cocktail dress, 1 evening gown, and 1 set of casual clothes – which I borrowed from Joyce haha!). Most of my favorites from the 40+ photos we selected were coincidentally taken at Blu Kouzina.

IMG_7734 IMG_7876b IMG_7808 IMG_7857

We have dined there previously and liked the setting of the restaurant. I emailed the restaurant and asked if we could have our photoshoot there, the kind restaurant manager obliged. The staff was very accommodating to us and we tried to minimize the inconvenience to them since we were there during their break time. Our photographer made use of all 3 levels of the restaurant (each level was decorated differently), and even the staircase!

We actually liked the staircase photo best because it’s different from the rest of the photos, and because Joyce helped play a part in creating this photo (she held the handheld flash). I think our shadows looked funny, and we always have a great laugh when we look at the photo. “Alien head” anyone? 😀

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