Winter essentials

The temperatures this past week have been dropping faster than we expected. Just last week it was above 10 deg C, sometimes dipping slightly. But starting Sunday, it just went below 0 deg C, we had our first frost/snow and then it’s just 0 to 3 deg C the entire week.

I don’t deal very well with the cold, so I got the sniffles and stayed mostly in bed. Of course, with these ammunition to keep me warm and toasty.

1) Thermal water bottle
thermal water bottle
This is an absolute must-have for me because the water cools down super fast in this weather. I brought this over from Singapore.

2) Humidifier
Back in Singapore, I used an OSIM humidifier but I found it the capacity to be quite small. So I got my mum to order one from China (Taobao is fantastic!) and my dad to bring it back to me before I came over. Of course, I didn’t bring it in my luggage, it came with my shipment of other household stuff.

This humidifier is also a must-have for me, maybe more so than the thermal water bottle because the air here is super dry, especially at night. I tried sleeping without switching it on, and I woke up in the middle of the night with a extremely parched and sore throat.

3) Electric blanket
thermal blanket
I first heard of “electric blankets” when I was still studying in Perth. The house that we rented, did not have a proper heating system (cos Perth winters are considered mild), so the rooms are always cold. I had a small halogen heater at my feet while I studied, but the sheets are always cold when I went to bed.

So when I learnt that I was going to move to Germany, one of the things I told Mr Goh that we must buy is a electric blanket. Actually, this is called “under blanket” in German because this goes under the sheets and not over you (as in a traditional blanket). Strangely, the electric blankets here are super expensive and are mostly single size. The double sized ones are more than double the price of the singles. So we ordered ours online via Amazon. They work pretty well for the price, so I can live with the fact that it doesn’t come with elasticized sides to hold the blanket in place.

4) Lip balm & body butter

In winter, my lips peel really easily because of the wind chaffs. I always have my Carmex lipbalm near me. And only the original formula in the tub, because the other formulas don’t work on me.

I also keep a tub of body butter next to my bed because body lotions are too mild for me now. My legs and heels get really dry and itchy when I don’t apply body creams regularly on them. This particular one from Crabtree & Evelyn was a gift from 2 of my ex-colleagues. The body butter spreads easily on skin and absorbs quickly without being greasy. They were spot on the scent because I just love it. Avocado, olive and basil sounds super delicious! I sometimes apply the body butter for fun, just because I want the scent to linger on me.

What are your winter essentials, or winter favorites? Are they similar to mine? Leave a comment and share with me! 🙂

Featured image credits to Huffington Post.


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