Packing for an overnight trip (or any short trips)

Every year, around October/November, there are bound to be articles on “the best Christmas markets to visit”, and thus, we picked Dresden off the list (Bremen is also on the list – woo hoo!). Though Dresden is also within Germany, we didn’t realise that it is a good 6-8 hours away from where we are! We contemplated for quite a while but still decided to go ahead with it because travelling within Europe was one of our “things to do in Europe”.

We’re heading off to Dresden tomorrow morning via bus (it leaves at 6.50am!!) and we will be there for a night, before heading back in the afternoon. It will be a really short trip since we will reach Dresden at 2.30pm on Saturday, and leave for Bremen at 2.30pm Sunday.

As usual, I always start packing the toiletries first. We won’t have much clothes to bring since it’s only 1 night stay.

I now have a day and night skincare routine since the cold season requires different products from SG. But I tried to pare it down and just bring multi-tasking products with me for this trip. You’ll probably see twice as many products for my Copenhagen trip coming end December.


I’m going to use my favorite cosmetic pouch freebie that I got from Elle magazine some years back. It’s a good size for overnight trips and I love that it says “beauty junkie” on it. So cute (though I’m not a full fledged beauty junkie. Yet.)

So for cleansing, I have packed the Balea Soft & Clear cleansing wipes from DM. I have used these previously for my Paris.Milan trip and have some leftover. It contains salicylic acid and is meant for acne-prone skin like mine. It doesn’t remove makeup very well, but then again, it is not a makeup remover wipe.

I must have my Clean & Clear active clear acne gel with me, because I don’t want to take chances. I have been using this acne gel for some time now, and I really love it. It dries out any emerging pimple within a day or two, and doesn’t make my skin dry. It also contains salicylic acid which we all know is good for clearing pores. I love it so much that I brought 2 backup tubes with me to Germany.

All along, I have decanted SK-II facial treatment essence into that clear spray bottle, even for use at home since the original bottle is bulky and heavy. The spray bottle also allows me to control the amount I use (I use 3 sprays into my palm and pat it lightly over my skin), so nothing is wasted. I only started using it religiously for a couple of weeks, so I can’t tell if it is working or not.

I have also started using L’Oreal Skin Perfection serum recently as age is catching up on me, and I find my skin very dull. I saw this in DM, came home to read some reviews on it, and decided to give it a go. I only use this in the morning since it’s a new product and I don’t want to overload my skin.

B.Liv off with those heads is another of my favorites to keep blackheads away. I’ve been using it for at least 6 years now, and luckily they ship worldwide, so I can always order it easily when I run out.

I’m also paranoid of getting freckles and pigmentation as my mum suffers from it, so she’s been advocating for us to use sunscreen from a young age. But I don’t like European sunscreens as they are often heavy, sticky, oily and has a weird scent. I love Japanese sunscreens like this Biore UV Perfect bright milk with SPF50. It has a light texture and applies with a dry finish.

My lips have been peeling lately because I got lazy and didn’t apply lipbalm. It feels really uncomfortable and I hate it, so I’ve gone back to applying Carmex like a good kid. I’ve raved about it in a previous post.

In my previous post, I also mentioned that I bought a couple of travel sized products, and they are the Balea shampoo and alverde conditioner. My hair has been dry lately because I’ve been using the caffeine shampoo for hair loss, so I decided that I need something moisturizing. I don’t really understand German, but I do know that “trockenes Haar” means dry hair, so I picked these 2. And also because they smelt good. Haha.

To combat the flyaway hairs, I’m bringing the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. I bought this travel sized one some time back in SG and brought it over with me. Evidently I haven’t been using it faithfully, thus the state of my dry frizzy hair and that 30ml can last me this long.

The pouch is by no means light, because the L’oreal bottles are made of glass, and I have tons of stuff for just one night. So I wanna know what are the items you pack in your cosmetic/toiletries bag for an overnight trip? Please share with me!



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