Long overdue


Hmm… where do I begin? So I finally got my German residence permit and work permit done after months of waiting for an appointment and then having incomplete paperwork by the authorities, and then more waiting (German bureaucratic system!). Everything fell in place rather quickly after receiving the permits because you know, everything else and everyone else were kinda waiting for the legal papers to be done.

So I packed up a suitcase (or two…, or three) and moved within the week to a new location, a place where I thought I would feel out of place. To be honest, I’ve been here for a month now, and sometimes I do feel out of place especially during the evenings and nights. I miss the bright city lights and traffic noises which I’m accustomed to. I feel safe in that kind of environment, like I’m not alone.

This village is so quiet that I hardly see more than 5 people on the way to work (or to home). Granted, it’s only a short 10 minute walk, but I would expect to see more people on the streets when it’s peak hour! Also, now that it’s winter, the sun sets earlier and it gets dark around 6.30pm, so I feel scared to walk alone then. So I try to leave work on time (that means 4.45pm, or 5pm latest), go to the supermarket and head home as soon as possible. The street lamps are pretty dim and few here, so I can’t see far ahead, only a small area around the lamp posts.

Though I hate the darkness, I sometimes look up to the dark sky in the evening or night, and I see stars in the clear sky and I try to appreciate life for what it is now. After all, if I were in a city, there would be too much light pollution for me to see any stars. There is no need for hustle and bustle every single day. And like what I joked with my colleague today, at least there’s a train station here!

Mr Goh has also started taking German lessons which take place every Monday & Wednesday after work, so I guess I have more free time to catch up on blog posts, experiment more with my cooking and baking, and also revising my German (I’m also starting lessons with a private tutor).

I will finally have time to finish up those draft blog posts from eons ago. Till then, toodles!


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