WithLocals.com – for a truly unique experience


I have been so way overdue with my writing. Cooking and doing the house chores all on my own have consumed me. When I finally have time to use the laptop, I just want to watch silly YouTube clips and relax my mind. Forgive me.

I am now on a writing streak and have scheduled a few posts about our Copenhagen trip over the Christmas break. But before you get to read about my Copenhagen trip, here’s a quick sneak preview of our Amsterdam trip that just took place over the Easter weekend!

Of course we visited the Van Gogh museum and took a boat tour down the many Amsterdam canals – those are expected activities. But the main highlights for me were staying in a caravan (sorta), and visiting a local Dutchman at his home for some authentic Dutch pancakes! Yup, you read that right!

About a week before we set off, I was reading a tourism blog and came across this interesting site called WithLocals.com which allowed tourists to have a glimpse into the daily life of a local. The site is available in several cities and three types of programmes (eat, activities, tour), so you just need to search for what activity interests you!

We had quite a few sightseeing activities lined up, so we didn’t have much time left except for food! We contacted a host and luckily he was available to host us for an authentic Dutch pancakes dinner on Easter Sunday.

At first we were worried that it would be awkward, seeing how we both are sorta introverts (yes, despite my character, I’m actually quite reserved if I’m allowed to be), but Mark (the host) was very friendly and welcoming. He invited 2 friends over to join us as well, and we had a good time understanding The Netherlands, Holland, Amsterdam and its quirky culture. We also shared some snippets of Singapore and hopefully they will be able to make the trek across the globe one day!

Oh, and not forgetting the tasty pancakes he made! There were a few variations that he made. Our favorite was a thin pancake with slices of mild goat’s cheese, a scattering of freshly toasted pine nuts and a drizzle of honey. Doesn’t that sound yummy or what? He also made bacon and cheese pancakes, apple cinnamon pancakes and plain ones to suit everyone’s tastebuds. To complete the Dutch experience, dessert was fresh ginger tea with honey and stroop waffles! Of course there had to be stroop waffles.


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