Make ahead meals?


Ever since I started work again, I’ve been making lots of freezer meals/make-ahead meals for my husband and myself since I’m not there during the week to cook his dinners, and I sometimes get a little lazy to do the whole she-bang all by myself every day. (Check out my new tag “freezer friendly recipes”)

Some staples that we love: veggie meatballs, pre-marinated chicken breasts, pickled cucumbers, Korean style banchan (spinach in sesame oil, beansprouts in sesame oil), Chinese dumplings, shoyu eggs, breakfast wraps. -> Recipes will be available as soon as I get some nice photos!

I know of some people who think that make-ahead meals are a big no-no because “not fresh”, but I think it really depends. If you know how to store the food properly and heat it thoroughly before consuming, they can taste just as good as freshly prepared! I don’t think the nutritional value of make-ahead meals is significantly much lower than freshly prepared meals… well, at the very least, they beat a packet of instant noodles anytime. Though I don’t mind some instant noodles from time to time… Shin ramen, Mama creamy tom yum, Tung-I chicken & onion… mmm yum.

I also know of some who say “must faster consume, if not spoil” even though the items have been in the freezer for only 1 week or so. Erm, if your frozen item is meant to be consumed quickly, then there’s no reason for a “make-ahead” meal is there? Of course, I’m not saying to store the food in the freezer for 6 months or even a year, but surely a week or 2 in the freezer is fine!

But as you can see, most of our staples are for savory dishes, and I’m sorely lacking recipes for breakfasts. It gets a little boring to eat breakfast wraps again after 7 consecutive days, and please don’t get me started on those breakfast casseroles where you prep everything the night before and put it in the oven to bake in the morning. I always wonder who has that time to wait 40 mins for a casserole to bake in the morning! And that’s not including the time to pre-heat the oven and the time to let the casserole cool before you can finally dig in! Who wakes up that early on a workday morning?

So I wanted to reach out to the handful of peeps who are reading my blog (thank you very much for taking time to read my senseless and disorganized rants, by the way), do you have any breakfast ideas that can be prepped ahead of time, and ready to go in the morning? Please let me know!

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