“Give me, can?” or “Buy for me”

Rant alert.

In recent years, I’ve been irked by the above 2 phrases quite frequently. Whenever I post on Facebook like a good deal or some stuff I want to share with my friends, I would have a couple of friends who always like to say things like “I want. Buy for me”.

Now I wouldn’t mind it so much if they meant “could you please help me buy (and I will pay you when you’re back)”, but rather they meant “I want. Buy it for me (as a present for me)”. Say it once or twice, I’ll treat it as a joke (though it’s not even funny in the first place). Now that I find particularly annoying because if you always say things like that, it’s not a joke anymore. And really, are you that poor and that cheapskate to keep requesting for gifts?? Even more so if you’re not posting it as a question, but a statement. Like you’re ordering me to buy it for you as a gift.

I used to be nice and friendly and still reply to such comments, but now I can’t be arsed to do so. I simply just ignore their comments and reply to others. Because if you don’t feed such behaviour, it dies off after a while. I think that’s the best way I can deal with the situation without ruining the friendship.


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