Europe city hopping: Dresden

On a whim last year, we decided to go to Dresden – to visit the Christmas markets. On hindsight, visiting a city just for the Christmas markets is probably a bad idea especially when we have a good Xmas market in our own “backyard”, but still it was fun going on a roadtrip with the husband. 🙂

Our German friend (Hi Max again!) strongly recommends us to take the coach bus when traveling, instead of DBahn and so we tried taking the bus for the first time. It took us close to 8 hours on the bus, one way, and thank goodness I fall asleep easily when I’m commuting because Mr Goh was bored to tears. I think I’ll need to pack in some snacks and coloring books for him in future. Haha! Maybe load a few cartoons on the tablet too.

We stayed at DJH since we didn’t want to spend too much. Location was about 10-15 minutes walk from the Hauptbahnhof and relatively near to the attractions like the Zwinger Palace and the Frauenkirche. However we found that the hostel was filled with migrants/refugees, and they were all hanging out in the corridors for better Wi-Fi signals.

The main purpose for the Dresden trip – the Christmas markets – were super crowded and had a lot to offer. Obviously the food was a main draw for us since we do not celebrate Christmas and thus no Christmas tree and no need for Christmas decorations. But we did get a couple of pouches of scented soap shavings as I refused to leave Dresden without a souvenir. HAHAHA! Those scented soaps are now in the wardrobe, gently “infusing” my clothes. I think it’s a pretty good souvenir because I get a whiff of the scent every time I open the wardrobe doors and I get reminded of Dresden.

The weather then was really cold and wet (mid December), and I needed something to warm me up. Having learnt my lesson at Hamburg (I do not appreciate alcohol), I opted to have the non-alcohol warm apple punch drink. We also had a fried Mexican pie (I think they were called empanadas?), filled with spinach and cheese. It was yummy (say it with me: “all deep fried foods are yummy”) but not very good for me since I cannot take dairy products due to my allergy.

It was a short trip that we took since we arrived in Dresden around 2pm on a Saturday, and had to leave at 11am Sunday, so we didn’t have much time to travel around. But if we do have a chance to revisit Dresden, I would definitely do so in a different season (I guess spring would be nice) when the operating hours of attractions are longer, and I wanna visit the Hygiene Museum!


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