Europe city hopping: Prague (food edition)


I was lucky that a friend of mine was visiting Prague a couple of weeks before my trip, so I managed to get some good recommendations/validations from her.

The highlight of the trip for both ZH and myself was this Japanese restaurant called Yami Sushi.  We love Japanese sushi and was highly pleased with this recommendation from my friend. It definitely didn’t let us down. The food was so good that we went back a second time, and recommended the place to ZH’s colleagues who visited Prague a week after us (they loved it too).


We ordered the Salmon Lover’s set and a Volcano roll on our first visit. The salmon sashimi was absolutely wonderful – thick and fresh.
On our second visit, we tried the unadon, tempura udon, sake avocado roll and the aburi spicy hotate. I found the sashimi items to be better; the cooked food was just mediocre to me. Nothing bad, but not as fantastic as the sashimi/raw food items.

A traditional pastry that many sites say is a must-eat is Trdelník. These are yeast pastries wrapped around a heating cone over an open flame, then coated with cinnamon sugar for the most traditional taste. Most stalls also sell them filled with whipped cream and/or Nutella but I found the filled ones finicky to eat because the pastry is open on both ends, so the fillings might spill all over you if you’re not careful.  I wasn’t wowed by this street snack as I got cold ones on both occasions that I bought them. I believe they might be much better if they are freshly made.

A folded crepe is what I would call this pancake dessert (Palačinky), but I found it to be just so-so in terms of taste. We found a number of stalls selling this at the Christmas markets. We got a blueberry one – I was half hoping to have fresh blueberries but alas, it was just blueberry jam.

2016-12-20 122855

I planned to have brunch at a cafe as I had read a lot about it while I did my Prague food research, and one of the highly raved cafes, Cafe Savoy, happened to be a stone’s throw from our first accommodation. No brainer, I definitely had to be there! The place was always busy but we were lucky to be early and managed to get a table without having to wait. We saw quite a number of larger groups having to wait at least 1 hour for a table, or even being turned away. The brunch items were classic – soft boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, toast, bacon etc. The bread was made on premises daily and it was really good.

We couldn’t visit Prague and not try a medieval themed dinner, can we? The Spider Tavern is popular for its historical fantasy show. Book directly on its website to save some money! We paid 990 CZK per person for 5 course dinner and 2 drinks. You can also opt for the unlimited drinks option if you wish.


The cheese mousse on fresh bread was a delight, and I may have eaten more than I should. The pork knee was huge! I saw the Spanish group next to my table, taking out plastic containers to doggy bag the remaining food. They were definitely well-prepared!

The entertainment was definitely an eye opener, with live music and belly dancers.

When we were around the Prague castle, I brought ZH to this quaint area called Novy Svet for lunch. Karvana Novy Svet is a small, cosy cafe that is often frequented by locals. It does not boast a large menu, in fact it only serves homemade soups and sandwiches and hand-crafted beverages.

On the day we went, they were serving up a rustic leek soup (so scrumptious, I had to replicate it immediately when we got back to Germany!). So we got 2 bowls of that, a slice of chocolate cake with a hint of spice, a chai soy latte for me and a cappuccino for him. A light lunch, but very satisfying for the cold weather.

The beauty of staying in a service apartment while traveling is having the option to prepare your own meals if you wish, and we did! There was a supermarket near the service apartment and we managed to cook breakfast and dinner on some days.


I’m always greedy when it comes to food, and I absolutely cannot resist temptation especially when it’s touted a ‘must try’. We went back to Cafe Savoy on our last night and bought a couple of pastries to enjoy in our apartment.

2016-12-22-20-03-33 The one in the foreground that looks like a caramel cream puff is called vetrnik, and the one at the back with the sugar glaze is venecek. We got the mini versions of both because the original sizes are gigantic and way too much for a dessert. I enjoyed the vetrnik more because of the light whipped cream, gently mixed with the caramelized sugar.



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