Plans for 2018

This post will be a mish mash of topics since I haven’t blogged in ages and there are so many things on my mind lately.

Life in Germany 2018

I’m glad to say I’ve managed to survive 2 years of working and living in a small German village, and finally done with my work contract. However Mr Goh is still not done with his project work, so we will not be able to return home until August 2018. I’ll be a housewife for 8 months, but I’m not complaining at all. In fact, I’m actually happy about it because then I’ll have enough time for myself (I’ve started Psawyer Kitchen!!) and to coordinate with our chosen ID for our house renovations.

West Ridges

Yup, we have finally gotten the keys to our flat and I’m actually still in Singapore as I’m writing this because I wanted to finalize our ID/contractor for our renovations, as well as make a selection on appliances & furniture to purchase. Once the items go on offer, I can ‘activate’ my parents to make a deposit on my behalf to secure the offer prices. Some ‘friendly’ people around me say to just purchase the items when I’m back in September since there are many sale periods in Singapore – BUT why pay more when I can save by planning my purchases properly? The mid-year GSS usually has better deals than smaller sales such as National Day sales etc.

I reckon I’ll be spending a lot of time trawling websites like Taobao and Castlery, making a list of all the items that we will be needing (I have to be mindful of what we already own in Germany and will be shipping back to Singapore, to prevent myself from buying unnecessary multiples).

I don’t mind looking at stuff like washing machines and fridges, but it gives me a headache to compare aircon specifications and lighting. Oh my goodness. My dad is more excited about these stuff than I am, and he is already starting to search on Taobao for lighting, bed frames, sofa etc. Er… thanks dad, but I will not buy bed frames and sofa from Taobao, no matter how cheap they are. I very much prefer to buy such things only after I have seen the actual product and tested it. When I told him my preferences, he got a little huffy and puffy about how ‘rich’ I am now to disregard buying things from China. Gosh… it’s my place, I should be able to make my own decisions on where to get my furniture from right?

Jonghyun’s suicide

At the end of 2017, we learnt that Jonghyun from SHINee committed suicide due to depression. To be honest, I was really shocked (I think everyone who knows Kpop feels the same) and I still cannot believe it. I kept really quiet upon reading the news about his suicide, and tried to wish it was fake news, but more and more articles reporting the funeral surfaced.

I think it was probably about 2 weeks ago that I finally read those articles in detail, I started to binge watch Youtube videos of him performing in the past years (I stopped following Kpop so closely after I met Mr Goh) – so much that I would find myself tearing up when I realised that we won’t be able to see any new performances from him anymore.

He was my favorite member from the group and super talented in so many ways. I remember being so crazy over him/SHINee at the height of my K-pop craze that my dad would even know Ring Ding Dong.

I hope he is at peace now…

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