Moodboard for West Ridges master room

The layout of my master room is a narrow rectangle, leaving us with just a handful of placement options for our bed and wardrobe. As apartment sizes are getting smaller these days, IDs are being creative and offer ‘walk-in wardrobe’ styles to cater to young couples influenced by Western styles. However, these ‘walk-in wardrobes’ are not real walk-ins in the sense that you don’t utilize a whole room for your wardrobe. Instead you position your wardrobe to face an inner wall and your bed will be facing the back of the wardrobe.


One of the contractors I met proposed this to me and I rejected this idea even before he could finish his sentence. The room is already small as it is – what I need is to make the space look bigger, not smaller by building an additional ‘wall’. Besides, if I were to go along with this pseudo walk-in wardrobe, the wardrobe area will not have any daylight, and it means that I will have to position a light in the narrow wardrobe corridor and switch on the lights every time I access that area. I like naturally bright and airy spaces, not artificially lighted areas.

So I was left with only 2 options to place my wardrobe: either against the toilet wall or perpendicular to it. We will be doing 1.8m of carpentry work, and hopefully it will be sufficient. If not, that just means we need to do a KonMari to clear our clothes *can’t stand mess and clutter*.

2018-02-06 10.08.29

One thing we both agree on is mirror wardrobe doors. Some old folks may advise against it because of fengshui reasons, but our current bedroom in Bremen has mirror doors facing our bed in a L-shape and we sleep just fine. Having multiple mirror doors also makes our room look bigger and we don’t have to share a teeny mirror when we are getting ready for work/to go out.


Photo credits: Go Modern

If space permits, we will also get a low drawer chest to store our linen and knick knacks. It will also double up as a dresser since I can easily place a mirror on top of it (or save money and just use my wardrobe doors).



Photo credits: Pinterest

I also thought of placing the bed against the window because the space there fits the bed perfectly, leaving 50cm on each side for bedside tables, plus HDB had installed the powerpoints on both sides of those walls – perfect for charging our mobile phones without having to use extension plugs.


Photo credits:

However, ZH is quite against the idea… is it really that bad an idea?


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