Busan / Seoul 2017 – Day 4

Wow oh wow… Day 4 of our Busan trip was quite spectecular as we visited some locations which were really awesome.

We made our way to Gamcheon culture village, touted as the Machu Picchu of Busan. I’ve not been to Machu Picchu, but Gamcheon does have its own charm. A little quiet village with houses located close to one another, and many small alleys. It is still a residential area, so be mindful not to enter private property, nor climb onto people’s rooftops. Of course, it goes without saying that you have to be respectful and not be too boisterious.

Gamcheon village also has a Little Prince statue where you have to queue up to take pictures with the statue, overlooking the village. The queue was at least 30-40 minutes long when I visited the village, so naturally I skipped it, and also because I didn’t know what the hype is about.

It is best to allocate at least half a day for the village as it takes about 30 minutes by bus to reach the entrance of the village, and then you’d want to explore the alleys and small shops located within the village. There are some accessories and food shops located at the main shopping/walking street of the village.

For dinner, we settled for a small diner as we wanted a proper meal, something hot and a warm place to sit down. My research told me that pork soup, or dwaeji gukbap, is famous in Busan, so we set out to find a restaurant that sells this. Luckily we didn’t have to go far in our search. There is one such restaurant near BIFF square, just a few steps away from the famous ssiat hotteok stand.

Since ZH was ordering the dwaeji gukbap, I decided to play safe and ordered a kimchi jjigae. You know, just in case we didn’t like the dwaeji gukbap, there’s still something to fall back on. As with most Korean restaurants, we were served a wide variety of side dishes after we ordered, and our main dishes arrived very quickly. We also gobbled up our food very quickly.

We were contemplating if we should go to Spaland after dinner, it being our last night in Busan. In the end, we decided to go, just for the experience. I have been to a Korean spa before on my first trip to Korea and I loved it. I had a body scrub by one of those ajummas using the exfoliating towel/glove and boy, I now buy those gloves in bulk whenever I visit Korea. I love how satisfying it is to see the dirt and dead skin cells being rubbed off and how smooth the skin feels after the treatment.

Besides the spa area, you can also enjoy outdoor foot spas and 13 different sauna rooms (with temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to 70 degrees). I don’t do too well in hot temperatures so the hottest room I entered was only 40+ degrees, and even then I only stayed in there for 5 minutes. Not too long because the floor was burning my feet. Haha! But we both loved the SEV room at 38 degrees. It was so comfortable in there, several patrons were napping in there!

The size of Spaland is sprawling… you can easily spend the whole 4 hours in there without getting bored (your ticket allows you to stay for 4 hours, additional charges if you exceed the time. If you enter Spaland after 8pm, you get a discount on the entry fee. We paid 13000 won each.)

It was a Sunday when we went, and we wanted to watch My Golden Life on KBS2, so we went up to the 2nd level where they had a relaxtion room filled with chairs with individual headphones and TV screen. It was almost like having your own private cinema.

On the 2nd level, you can also purchase some beauty treatments for your face, scalp, body and health. But we didn’t have much time nor money for the treatments, so we just indulged in the massage chairs.

Total expenses for Day 4: 80,000 won

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