Moodboard for West Ridges living room

We made a trip to Ikea this past Saturday despite the torrential rain (it has been raining for almost 20 hours when we left the house) because I had browsed the Ikea website on Friday and saw some floor cushions that I really liked. So I wanted to check them out in real life. Both ZH and I liked what we saw… I’m glad that we managed to finalize the moodboard for our living room!

The idea for our living room is to create a cozy area for reading, chats and just lounging around. We will not have a TV in the living room because it’s just the 2 of us, so the TV will be placed in smaller room. Some friends have asked me “then what about your guests? How will you entertain them without a TV?” But I find this question illogical. If my guests visit my place and we do not engage in conversation but instead they’re spending time watching TV, then why can’t they head back to their homes and watch TV in their own place?? My home is not a community void deck with free to air TV.

Instead we will have 2 armchairs (blue arrows) and a couple of pouffes (black arrows) and a large floor cushion (red arrow).

West Ridges living room


The pouffes will also double up as low stools when we need to wear our shoes.

Since we are having tiled flooring, we will probably have to get a rug so that it’s less cold and hard on the ankles when we sit cross legged on the floor. ZH likes something which is soft and more plush. I’m not a fan of such rugs since they tend to trap a lot of dust, BUT since he’s the person in charge of vacuuming the house, he gets to choose what kind of rug he wants. Hahahaha, as long as I don’t have to do his chores, I’m fine.

Ikea has a set of 2 low coffee tables which we really liked (Stockholm), perfect as a centerpiece with all our low pouffes and cushion. However the price… my goodness, it will set us back S$400 for just coffee table… *gulp* I’m not quite sure about that. We will have to take a raincheck on that, shop around when we are back in Singapore and see if we can find anything else we like for cheaper.

As for decor, we will keep the wall simple and just hang an acrylic print of our favorite travel photo we took in Zakynthos last year – a photo of Navagio beach. We both like the photo so much that it’s on our Facebook profiles as well. It just makes us smile everytime we look at it.

We are not investing a lot in carpentry work as I do not like fixed items. My parents did that for our family home and it was always a deterrent when we wanted to change new furniture, do rearrangement of furniture or even to refresh the wall paint. So now, I’m learning from my parents and get loose furniture instead. Knowing how fickle minded I am, and I like to move things around to get a fresh view, loose furniture would be best!

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