Busan / Seoul 2017 – Day 6

We were glad to be in Asia on Christmas day because all shops operate business as usual!!! We started our day early by heading out to Bukchon Hanok village. Weather was lovely with clear blue skies but clear skies in winter also meant freezing temperatures! I needed 2 heatpacks that morning… one for each hand, plus gloves and my earmuffs.


We didn’t have any concrete plans so we just wandered around, took photos of the skies, plants and old houses. Then we walked down to Gwangjang market. It wasn’t exactly near but we wanted to save money on transport and we are used to walking long distances. Walking also allows us to come across new places we didn’t expect!

While at Gwangjang market, I found a shop selling a bag of 5 samgyetang packets for 20,000 KRW. I bought 2 bags because we love samgyetang. And no, I didn’t manage to get a discount though I tried! We also got ourselves Korean chopsticks for West Ridges. Oh yeah, we are getting ready for our new life there!

Korean Samgyetang herb packet

The last packet I have left; July 2018

I had read that Gwangjang market is popular for bibimbap as well as bintaetteok, mung bean pancakes. The latter is something new to us, so it was a no brainer which dish we chose for lunch!


We ordered a serving of bindaetteok as well as a serving of tteokbokki. The mung bean pancakes were thick and filled with sweet crunchy beansprouts. This lunch costed us 8000 won, which wasn’t that expensive for 2 pax. I do want to challenge myself and try making bindaetteok here in Germany, but I guess that challenge will have to take place in Singapore instead since our time in Germany is ticking and I don’t want to get a large packet of ingredient just for that one dish.

2017-12-25 172322

It was only on our second last day in Seoul that we realized we stayed relatively near to Namdaemun market. I remember it being a traditional market where food stalls come alive during the day, so we dropped by the place after Gwangjang market.

At this point of the trip, I have yet to purchase my favourite scrubby towels so I got them from Namdaemun. We spent 9000 won in total on those towels – we bought about 20 pieces? Enough to last us for at least 3 years! They make very good (cheap) gifts as well.

Walking along the different alley ways, we decided to get a steamed bun and a hot bar, as both stalls had a queue in front of them. Singaporean mentality: the food should be good if there’s a queue! The red bean steamed bun (2000 won) was piping hot, fluffy and the bread was slightly sweet and chewy. Very nice! The hot bar (deep fried fishcake, 1500 won) was also bursting with seafood juices, chewy and moreish. The stall owner makes the fishcakes on the spot, so you’re always guaranteed a freshly fried piece. Business was brisk.

ZH hadn’t had enough “chi-maek” so we bought some spring onion chicken (19,000 won) from a restaurant on the way back to the hotel, and bought beer from the convenience stall round the corner (9100 won). The chicken was good, but the restaurant chef was soooooo generous with the spring onions. It was a bit of an overkill. I’ll just go for the yang-nyeom chicken in future.

2017-12-25 201201

Total expenses for Day 6: 135,750 won

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