A look at my pre-wedding photos

I was cleaning up and organizing my blog and realized that I have not shared the photos from our pre-wedding shoot. I should, right? After all, we spent quite a lot on them, and we like these photos better than our actual day ones (how sad).

We did 5 changes of clothes (2 white wedding gowns, 1 cocktail dress, 1 evening gown, and 1 set of casual clothes – which I borrowed from Joyce haha!). Most of my favorites from the 40+ photos we selected were coincidentally taken at Blu Kouzina.

IMG_7734 IMG_7876b IMG_7808 IMG_7857

We have dined there previously and liked the setting of the restaurant. I emailed the restaurant and asked if we could have our photoshoot there, the kind restaurant manager obliged. The staff was very accommodating to us and we tried to minimize the inconvenience to them since we were there during their break time. Our photographer made use of all 3 levels of the restaurant (each level was decorated differently), and even the staircase!

We actually liked the staircase photo best because it’s different from the rest of the photos, and because Joyce helped play a part in creating this photo (she held the handheld flash). I think our shadows looked funny, and we always have a great laugh when we look at the photo. “Alien head” anyone? 😀

Signed and sealed: it’s final!

Woo hoo! My event of the year, of my entire life, was gone in a flash 2 weeks ago. Every one I knew was commenting that I looked pretty relax and chill. My response was “I had an entire year to plan this ‘show'”. And that was true. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel an ounce of stress on the eve of the Big Day. The only time I felt ‘sian’ was when a friend told me at the last minute that she couldn’t attend due to work commitments (erm… you had at least 3 months to plan ahead) and I had to reshuffle some tables around. I ended up paying for 1 extra table when we didn’t utilize it. BAH.

But still, I was pleasantly surprised that the day just zoomed past before we knew it. Luckily so, because we both could not stand being in the limelight. Everyone was telling us “you cannot do this, you cannot do that” OMG. Please just let me do as I wish, if you say today is my day, and the couple is the “biggest” (as in priority). I just wanted to run away with my groom.



Anyway, we went for a short trip immediately after the wedding to break free from the stress and before the crazy workload and errands begin. Truth be told, I was more nervous and stressed about work – we have a major regional meeting planned for end of April but nothing was confirmed yet until late last week. Comparing work to my personal event, I think I had it better with my own event. Haha.

2 weeks as a Mrs already. If you ask if we are enjoying married life, we probably would tell you we don’t feel any difference. Haha. So sad. We always call ourselves ‘old farts’ because we don’t party and we prefer to stay home, if possible.

The stories behind our wedding bands

Right from the start, I knew that I wanted a ring design which is timeless and classic. Nothing too bling because my engagement ring is already quite flashy. 😛 Initially, I thought an eternity ring would be nice. But as I researched, I found myself falling out of love with the eternity ring. Nothing wrong with it, just that I found something else that I liked better. I really liked the Trinity de Cartier.


Three bands. Three colours. Pink gold, yellow gold and white gold, intertwined in a display of mystery and harmony. The visionary mind of Louis Cartier created the Trinity ring in 1924. Jean Cocteau promptly made the piece his own. Encircled in the glow of the literary world inhabited by the poet, the ring quickly earned iconic status. Three types of gold. Three symbolic colours: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship. Trinity, a timeless design now available in a collection devoted to life’s most memorable loves. Trinity, all about you forever.

Wow. I didn’t know that the ring was created in 1924. But hey, if the design has been popular for almost 100 years, it will probably continue to be timeless and classic for hundreds more. However, the price is a showstopper… man, it’s almost $8000 for the version with the diamond band!

As for the mister, woah. That man has got expensive taste (without him realising it). I still cannot believe that he likes the ring design from Chaumet.


The “Liens de Chaumet” ring was first created in the 1970s, and has since become the company’s iconic piece, a symbol of attachment and commitment. 

He liked the story behind the ring design: talking about the main ring having a gap and then completed by the bridge across to make it complete. Sorta how I make him complete. HAHAHAHA I totally BS-ed that. Now obviously we wouldn’t be spending close to $3000 on a plain 18K white gold band (doesn’t even have a tiny diamond!!), so I decided we should explore more options before deciding.

After researching high and low, long and hard, I made us an appointment with Ling Jewellery. Initially, I only wanted to bring the designs we had in mind (Trinity de Cartier and Chaumet) to Ling and see if she can design something similar for us. But after talking to her, we decided there’s no harm in trying her own designs. And so we tried on a few, and then she helped us a great deal in the elimination process. After 2 hours, we were done trying as we have decided on our rings. Ling was a gem (pun intended!), being able to grasp what we wanted based on the choices we liked and didn’t like.

Throughout the process of selecting our wedding bands, I decided not to get a matching pair because we have differing tastes in jewelry. Rather than comprising and either one of us would end up not wearing the ring, we decided just choose what we like. After all, this is going to be for life, and I’d want him to be happy with his choice, and vice versa. So yes, we are very very pleased with our choices and only another 2 more months to go! What ring design have we chosen, you ask? Wait for our wedding pictures and you’ll see! 😛

Wedding invites: settled!

Finally another wedding update! Haha, both ZH and myself have not been doing much prep work for our wedding. We have always thought that since we have already settled our pre-wedding shoot (everything collected and sitting in the storeroom now), and booked the banquet, there really isn’t much left to be done. Or is there?

Then come mid November, I suddenly started to panic when I realised that we don’t have as much time left to prepare for the wedding as I had thought. Granted, we were still a good 4 months away, but me being me, I don’t like last minute cock-ups stuff and would rather plan the activities in a way such that I still have time for a breather in between.

So I created a list of all the activities that need to be completed and arranged them in a countdown timeline, complete with deadlines and PIC (person in charge). #eventplanning I needed to have this list in order to be able to breathe and calm down and tell myself “everything is right on track”. ZH, who isn’t quite the planner, didn’t seem amused by the level of details I had put in because he likes to play by ear, which quite frankly, irks me sometimes. ANYWAY. I got him on board this checklist and put him in charge of a couple of things. He’s gotta do something right?? 😛

Together, we decided on our wedding colours after so long. No wedding theme because we are not creative people and we didn’t want to spend extra money on stuff.

The first item on our to-do list was to settle the invites and guest list. It is peak period for printing firms and I wanted to get the first batch of invites out by end of the year (busy period for the mailmen as well!). Since our banquet package included free cards, we decided to save some money and go that route. The first vendor provided was not quite up to my expectations. They only had 6 designs for us to choose, and each design came with a fixed colour. I tried searching for reviews on this vendor online, but I got nothing except their own website results. Thankfully, I was going through the folder I received when we signed the package and noticed that the hotel actually engages 2 card vendors, and the second vendor was a popular one.

Promptly I emailed them for a selection of card designs and they replied within a day, with more than 30 designs. They also mentioned that we can pop by their shop to view other card designs within the categories. COOL. We changed dinner plans and went to the shop instead the very same evening.

It didn’t take us very long to decide what we wanted, since I have been doing desk research and bugging ZH non-stop about our wedding invite this entire week. I guess, I am quite a bridezilla. OOPS.
We both liked the simplicity and elegance of this invite! After discussion with Connie, the card vendor, we decided to just get the card sleeve first since it was free for our package, and we will get back to her on our decision of the insert. FYI, the inserts are additional costing for the wedding couple (only the blank cards & envelopes are included in the package cost).


I decided that I will print elsewhere after seeing the high cost of insert printing quoted by Connie. Thanks to work connections, my printing vendor is willing to print my inserts for me at a lower price! This is a much better option for me because I didn’t like run of the mill templates, so I will be able to customize the design and colour of the insert at no extra charges. YIPPEE!

It did take quite a while for the designer to come back with her proposed design based on my initial sketchwork done on PowerPoint, but all in all, I think they still did a good job. They have to, right? After all we still have a close work relationship going on.

That’s one thing off my list, and on to the next step: getting my dad to volunteer his writing services for the cards! Uncle Tan has got very nice hand writing (both English and Chinese) and since young, I’ve always liked him to write my name on all my textbooks, even when I was in Sec 4! 😀

The proposal story

3 months countdown to the wedding! And I’m finally revealing details on the proposal night.

With the pre-wedding photoshoot out of the way (a long time ago), many of my close friends and colleagues have asked “so has he proposed?”, and when I answered yes, their next question would be “how did he propose?”. I think many were hoping for a fairytale-like proposal with the whole shebang. But the proposal event was like the couple involved, very low-key, no frills and no brouhaha.

A couple of days prior to the photoshoot date, I had actually asked Mr Goh about the proposal. Yes, you got that right. I ASKED, not hinted, because my man doesn’t take hints well. Rather than trying to be coy and hint, and then get myself all worked up because he didn’t get my hints, I’d very much prefer to be direct now. So anyway, I asked him about the ring because our photoshoot day was nearing and I thought it would be nice to have the ring in the pictures. I mean, our wedding story is already topsy turvy, with us planning the wedding, the flat, the pre-wedding photoshoot and almost every other thing, BEFORE a proposal was planned. We had to get one thing right, right? 😉

Despite me telling him that I want a proposal before our photoshoot, I was totally unprepared for it. I was at the nail salon after work, doing my nails for the photoshoot. No ring also must have nice nails! Though I’m not quite sure why I did a pedicure since my shoes are closed toes. Anyway~~~

I had a full evening that day with the nail appointment and also I needed to head back to the bridal studio for a fitting for my evening gown (lucky thing I did because we couldn’t get the zip up! A huge panic moment then). So the man offered to pick me up from the nail salon in Clementi and send me down to the studio at Tanjong Pagar.


Do not be tricked by this photo. The ladies behind me were discussing on how much to alter because we couldn’t get the zip up. *COLD SWEAT*

After we did the fitting, we decided to go for dinner at De Burg. *Now that I think back, luckily I suggested De Burg because I initially wanted ban mian… now THAT would really be a simple no frills dinner for a special night. LOL!*

The food there was quite good for the quality and the pricing. I got myself a mini burger (a slider, really) as we decided to get a pot of mussels from SeaSalt to share. The mini burger was a good portion for me and I learnt to eat the burger the “right” way – leave the toothpick in the burger and eat around it. Otherwise the patty and veges would be “sliding” all around. The mussels were pretty fresh and tasty, but they still had the beards attached which made eating a hassle.
IMG_4463 IMG_4464 IMG_4465IMG_4466 IMG_4467

After dinner, we were thinking of where else to go, but since it was almost 9pm, we decided to head home. Upon reaching my carpark, I headed to the lift lobby, but the man suddenly told me to come to the back of the car and open the car boot. He insisted that I open the car boot though I asked him to open it himself (we watched too much CSI already… I was wondering what would greet me as the boot opened O.0).

As we stood at the back of the car, it suddenly dawned on me what was happening and I just burst into uncontrollable laughter. I opened it, and I was greeted by this beautiful sight of balloons. Instead of being touched to tears, I think I laughed myself to tears. Don’t be mistaken, I wasn’t laughing at my man, but it was just my way of dealing with embarrassment. I ALWAYS laugh like a loony when I’m caught nervous.

I whipped out my phone and started taking pictures of the set up, then I saw the message and THEN the ring box. Totally D’oh moment. But couldn’t really fault me… the carpark was super dark, and the light in the car boot wasn’t totally bright.

This couple here really scores an F for romance because the man said “so how?” instead of asking the magical question. The lady replied “ok lor” when the man finally asked the question. HAHAHAHAHA

The man isn’t exactly creative nor crafty, so I was pretty impressed that he did the entire setup on his own and even made the “sign”. So to remember this special moment, I’m going to frame up the sign!

About the ring – it isn’t the typical diamond solitaire ring because I didn’t want one. I didn’t want a normal diamond ring just because most of the girls have one. I’d rather have one that holds meaning to me, and it was this design since my mum has got a similar ring in her birthstone, and I really like it (still do!) so I requested for Mr Goh to make me one with the sapphire stone. My birthstone is actually turquoise and tanzanite, both not suitable for such designs, so I settled on another blue stone: sapphire. I know that the design is a dupe for Kate Middleton’s ring, but obviously it isn’t as big (it costs the price of my HDB flat!), but I still love it! The colour of the stone is perfect to me, and obviously it was hand picked by my soulmate!


Me having the same design as Mum, it made the ring all the more special.

Yes, it’s in the fridge

Things my man say

I was browsing the Mr Bean (soy milk, not Rowan Atkinson) website and saw that they were giving away free eco bags for online cake orders and so happened that ZH ordered some cakes for my birthday. So this was our conversation

Me: Eh did you receive the eco bag?
Him: Got
Me: Then where is it?
Him: Still in the fridge… (I gave him an incredulous look)… with the cake…
Me: -_-“

Selecting photos for our pre-wedding album

This is a public service announcement for brides-to-be: When you choose your photos, please bear in mind that you will need at least 3-4 photos per series.

We were called up to do our photo selection mid-May and we thought we were well on our way to keep within our package and the number of photos included in our package (which is 38 photos). So after almost 2 hours of selection, we were down to 41 photos. Then the lady boss came up and dropped the bomb on us: in order for them to create a page in the album, there must be at least 3-4 photos per series. One series is a range of photos with the same background or similar colour tone.

For example, these 2 photos belong to a series. (Photo credits to calvin-lynn.blogspot.com)

So we ended up topping up $1000 for 7 extra photos and 4 additional pages for our album. We ended up selecting 41 photos across 13 series (our package only allowed us to have 10 pages or 10 series). We found it really hard to delete 3 series of photos (which may mean 9 photos), so we decided to pay the money and select up to 45 photos. Naturally there were still one or two photos that we really liked but we couldn’t have them because it was the only photo out of the entire series that we liked.

What we realized was that we didn’t like the studio shots as much. There were 2 or 3 series that we dropped entirely because the photos were just hideous. I mean, the photographer wanted to go for a cool look and requested me not to smile in those pictures but the photos just ended up looking like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Quite disappointing because I was in the turquoise evening gown that I really liked for those photos. So not choosing any photo from the 3 series meant that I didn’t have much photos showing the pretty gown. But on the other hand, I was glad that the photos didn’t turn out nice because I really didn’t like the backgrounds chosen by the photographer, and also if I had more nice photos, I would need to pay more for those photos. LOL. Dilemma.

We liked the outdoor photos much more. But to our surprise, there were more than 1 series of photos per outdoor location. For example, there were 5 series of photos for our Blu Kouzina location. What it actually meant was that we couldn’t combine the photos from the 5 series to be placed together in a page. Similarly, the airport location had 3 series of photos.

For example, these 2 photos cannot be put together in a page (ignore the fact that they are 2 different couples, focus on the background la!). Photo credits: melvingilbert.com & milanteh.com

Oh well, we’ve paid the money and chosen our photos. Now, it’s all up to the bridal studio to create a new album for us. *fingers crossed tightly now*

Pre-wedding photoshoot thoughts

Yes, I had my pre-wedding photoshoot done in early April and I’d say it was fun, albeit very tiring. It’s no joke having to do hair and makeup for almost 2 hours, and then posing and trying to smile naturally. It was also my first time using falsies and my eyes were super heavy and tired by the time we ended the shoot. Got back to the studio to return the gowns and stuff, and I promptly removed the falsies. They had cost me $20 (MU artist’s charges) and I was contemplating if I should retain them for future use. Then I thought about how tiring it was for me to open my peepers wide, and they went into the bin immediately.

The last I want is people to say “不像你 leh” when they see my photos, so I opted to have natural look makeup since I hardly put on makeup normally, and I don’t fancy heavy eye makeup. For hairstyles, I browsed through Instagram endlessly and decided that I like sideswept styles – romantic chignons and ponytails.

2014-04-04 09.34.12 2014-04-04 10.18.18 2014-04-04 11.03.11 2014-04-04 13.00.00

2014-04-04 14.59.02 Shermaine, the MU artist from the bridal studio. At first, I was a little worried that she didn’t know what I wanted, but I decided to play it cool and just leave it to her. I mean, she’s a professional who has been doing this for so long, I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. And I’m glad I decided not to micro-manage because she did a great job and I loved my makeup and hair! One thing I’ve learnt was that the eye makeup may look heavy but it looks just perfect on screen.

2014-04-04 10.31.52 Thanks BFF for helping me throughout the day! Helping me buy breakfast, buy lunch, collect balloons, “jaga” our belongings, help me change, create lame jokes to make me laugh more naturally for the camera etc. I love you the most (after my family and ZH. HAHA)

2014-04-04 11.17.37 Me and my prince charming. ❤


Photo props are not a must, but they can add a lot of life and character to your final photos. We only decided on the props after we decided on locations – makes sense, otherwise the props might seem out of place?

I decided to not have fresh flowers for the shoot, but instead have giant crepe paper roses that I hand-crafted. (Actually, I later realised that the bridal studio didn’t prepare fresh flowers for the shoot… but they had lots of artificial flowers in the studio)


We also actually bought wooden letter initials from Typo ($2 each from Anchorpoint) but forgot to use them in our haste. Nevermind then… will keep them for the banquet dinner, and subsequently as room decoration.

IMG_3884 IMG_3883


1) Practice your smile in the mirror prior to shoot date. Not just wide happy smile, but also shy smile and normal smile. I didn’t prepare and didn’t know about how to achieve what the photographer wanted initially, and now I fear 70% of my studio shoots will end up looking awkward.
2) Get your skin in tip top condition by starting your regular skincare regime at least 2-3 months before shoot date. Yes Photoshop can do wonders, but let’s try to be nice and not create so much work for others yea?
3) Research on your preferred makeup and hairstyleS. Yes, I emphasized multiple makeup styles and hairstyles because depending on your package, you might be able to switch up your looks in between gowns. Unless you’re the “cincai” bride. If so, then don’t blame the MU artist for not giving you the looks you wanted.
4) Check if your bridal studio has a photographer assistant and/or the makeup artist following you for outdoor shoot. Otherwise, you may want to enlist the help of your close girlfriend, be it to help carry your gowns, buy food, help you check your makeup and hair, help you change gowns, lay the train nicely for the photos etc.

Now I can’t wait to see our photos!

Taking outdoor photos – where should we go?

Our wedding package includes a pre-wedding photoshoot which allows us to take photos at their studio (with over 10 different settings – it’s amazing how many settings they can squeeze in that small space) and also up to 3 different outdoor locations. We brainstormed a little before we met up with the photographer, to decide which areas we wanted.

My first choice was Yio Chu Kang MRT station because that was where we both met up regularly even before we started dating. Actually, come to think about it, those were unofficial dates! But Mr Goh thought it was strange and shot down my idea not-so-subtlely. Ish, that man doesn’t have an eye for unique stuff!!
 Photo credits: wikipedia

We both liked greenery, natural, casual feel for our photos, so we thought Hort Park and/or Botanic Gardens would be good. But the photographer informed that Botanic Gardens is overdone, while Hort Park doesn’t have a lot of nice spots. What would be good is the space behind Hort Park, Hyderabad Road.
 Photo credits: whatareyoudoingbooboo.blogpost.com

The photographer also suggested Lorong Halus to us when we told him we like the element of fun injected into our pictures so he came up with the idea of a picnic. But when we did a recce, immediately we didn’t like the place. Too much lalang – not good for my skin (I get rashes easily) and hard to reach. Plus it may be muddy if it rains.

 Photo credits: hasayang.wordpress.com

National Museum is also a popular choice and I do like their white buildings and glass staircase. But in the end, we decided against it because it was becoming very popular and maybe, not so us. If you’re interested to do your shoot there, please note that there’s a $180 fee payable to National Museum (and it allows you to use part of their premises for only 2 hours). Read here for information

In the end, we decided on these 3 locations:

1) Hyderabad Road
2) Changi Airport T2 (since we both love to travel, and only got closer when I decided on a whim, to join him on his Alaska trip, when I don’t even know him all that well yet)
3) Blu Kouzina (for my love of Santorini)

Tips for outdoor shoot:

1) Please check the weather forecast and have backup (indoor) locations in case of rain.
2) Do a site recce of the places suggested by your photographer, to familiarize yourself with the traveling route and also to brainstorm for prop ideas

Photoshoot gown & suit selection

Foreword: I’m a kiasu bride. “Is that even a foreword?? I thought everyone already knew by now!” Anyway, me being me, I arranged for gown selection way back in February, fitting in March, photoshoot in April. It may sound early to many, but we have a huge surprise coming up later half of the year, so I’d like to get this out of the way ASAP. Kiasu brides don’t deal well with stress. I had ‘activated’ my maid Matron of honour to come help me choose and give suggestions. After all, she’s “been there, done that”. I was surprised that in a span of only 2 hours, we managed to select 4 gowns already. 2 white, 1 evening and 1 short dress for outdoor shoot. It was fun as well. I went there without any expectations, without knowing what cutting/style I want for my dresses. Basically what I did was rock up to the shop and tell them “bring me one dress of each cutting”.

After trying like 6-8 different white gowns, I finally selected my 2 choices. Some of the choices brought to me were “bleah” in my opinion as I’m not a fan of flowers and quilted designs. Haha. I decided to go with a sweetheart neckline dress with some bling around the neckline and another one which has much more detailing on the skirt and train (didn’t want 2 similar dresses!)

2014-03-31 19.38.17 2014-03-31 19.48.08 2014-03-31 19.48.16

The evening gown selection was much faster, having already learnt what kind of design would be suitable for me (strapless tops, since the toga style made me look Indonesian tai-tai-ish). I was also able to choose something more colourful, so naturally I was drawn to shades of blue. Did you know that it is the colour blue that is actually associated with purity, piety, faithfulness, not white as most of us thought! I also selected a short dress for our outdoor shoot as I think it would be more manageable than an evening gown when I’m outside. I can’t even walk properly in the studio already! Again, the same sweetheart neckline appealed to me.

2014-04-02 19.34.05 2014-04-04 10.25.44 2014-03-31 19.41.21

After I was done, it was time for my groom to choose his suits. The man has it easy – he merely had to choose 3 jackets – a black, a white and a grey (or any other colour). He is somewhat traditional when it comes to men clothing, so a simple black jacket with satin trimming on the lapels, a white jacket with black trimmed lapels and pocket details, and lastly a grey jacket with black trims. Pants are of standard cutting so they just took his measurements and he was done in maybe 15-20 minutes!

2014-03-31 19.08.44 2014-03-31 19.13.49 2014-03-31 19.19.58

But he had to bring his own white shirt for the photoshoot and that was a mini nightmare because you see, my man doesn’t have a proper shirt for formal occasions. And he’s considered skinny so most of the regular cuts and even slim fit shirts available on the racks don’t fit him nicely. After searching for almost 2-3 weeks, we finally decided that he must get a shirt custom made. Sought out some recommendations, and went along with his friend’s suggestion to go Marcella, a local brand that has sprung across the island like mushrooms. We selected a fabric from the basic selection, so it was only S$69. Read on if you want to know the shirt customization process by Marcella. Continue reading