like huh?

I just have to put it down in words. I’m really baffled by how some people can be so dense. I have this colleague whom I’m not really close to, because she hasn’t been with us for very long (and it takes me quite a while to bond with some). She’s like always wanting to eat our food. I’m ok with friends who want to try a bite of my food, especially if it looks good and tempting. But this colleague does it almost daily! It’s like we will tell her “hey this daily special looks good. You should order it” and she’ll be like “nah, I’ll stick to my usual”. Then after we sit down at the dining table, she’ll go “can I try some of that?” EVERY SINGLE MEAL. It’s super irritating.

And she’s always afraid of losing out and being left out. I mean sometimes I do chat about nothing in particular with other colleagues and she would rush over immediately and ask “what did I miss? What did I miss?” Sometimes I’m having a private chat with another colleague of mine, and she would do the same thing! Like c’mon!!!

Yesterday was almost the ultimate… my boss gave me a belated birthday present. I was busy so I just left it on the table, to my right. Shortly after, one of my colleagues came by and asked me out for lunch and just mentioned casually that my boss gave me a present. This particular colleague came up to my desk *again* and actually had the cheek to tell me “can I open your present”. I pretended to be busy and not hear her but she repeated her question to me again. So feeling very outraged but yet unwilling to show it, I gave an answer which I think shows my displeasure “oh… anything you wish” in an unhappy tone. SHE ACTUALLY WENT AHEAD TO OPEN MY PRESENT and still semi-squealing “I’m so curious and interested to know what boss gave you!”. Er… yea thanks. The boss gave the present to ME, so why are you so excited over MY present?! And it’s tres weird that she would even think of opening someone else’s present!




那时,从波斯回来,刚好在机场遇到他,本以为跟他握手,say hello,可是他人很热情,竟然跟我说 why so formal (shaking hands), give me a hug。让我又惊又喜。大家可别想歪。我不是喜欢她,只是觉得我在他身上学了很多道理。他比我年轻,却比我成熟。


Super bad mood

It must be nearing that time of the month.. I got pretty pissed at a stupid driver at the carpark today. The carpark is already so crowded and yet that driver parked over his/her lot. And best part, it’s in a corner lot, so by right, if the driver has got a brain, he/she would have parked nearer to the kerb. So what if it’s a X3? Don’t need to park properly ah?!

I was already late for my appt and yet I had to deal with such a tiny lot. Gave up in the end and parked elsewhere. Fed up, left a note asking the driver to park properly in future. Bloody hell… super abhore this kind of drivers lah! Don’t know how to check whether they’ve parked their car within their lot, is it?!


dunno why, but am feeling kinda emo this week. didn’t feel like talking much on monday and was exceptionally quiet. even another colleague noticed and asked me what’s wrong. nothing’s wrong really, i just didn’t feel like talking much and was a little down.

and i cried in the office earlier on because car fanatic kept saying that i didn’t help him when i was a temp, but God knows i was the one who helped him the most! everytime he says that, i feel super unappreciated.

and he kept saying stuff like i’m now a spy because i chose to transfer back to the mktg dept, he shouldn’t talk to me etc. things that i didn’t want to hear the most because 1) i was already uncertain if my decision was right, 2) though we are going to be in different departments, he’s still a very close friend. i just kept quiet after what he said and Y asked if i was ok. CF left the room soon after because i just didn’t want to talk anymore. then Y probed and i started sobbing *to my own surprise*.

on another job-related note, i’m quite pleased that i clicked the submit button for that job application. *fingers crossed*


i really like this girl a lot! think she’s really cool and good looking! take a look at this video, especially the last part where the judge wanted her to do a different version (5:30). it’s really good! *gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes*

2008.01.12 超級偶像 張芸京 望你早歸 (含 黃國倫 指導前後的版本)

some things are better left unsaid

yea. i initially wrote a post on one of my friends, the oldest friend i ever had and still talk to (albeit sporadically). as i wrote, as i spoke to him, i realised that we were totally out of sync with each other. that prompted me to google him. yes, google is my bestest friend because he gives.

i found his almost dying blog. and also his girl’s blog. as i read on, i realised that i should just privatised the entry i wrote earlier. nothing is safe on the internet, and singapore is a small community. a friend of a friend of a friend who is a friend of the girl might happen to chance onto my blog and pass the news on that “hey, i was reading this girl’s blog the other day, and the guy she was talking about… sounds like your bf! did you know he had such a friend?

no no no no no. i cannot risk it. i don’t think she knows that her bf has me as a friend because i’m not a good friend who keeps in touch regularly. so, assuming that she’s a jealous creature (of course, all females are jealous creatures and territorial), i cannot risk his perfect relationship, can i?

though he doesn’t blame me, though i know i’m not great to create even a dent, the past guilt comes back to haunt me regularly. it’s slowly eating me up.

“i’m happy for you. and trust me when i say “you’re not dumb and you’re absolutely capable of getting that PhD. sometimes, the fear of failing can indeed lead to your failure. maybe you shld just let go of all expectations people have of you and do the best you can.”

remember, you’ve got what it takes.”

Xmas Parties

the party tonight was scaled down to a really small one cos we already had a wild night over at Ann’s yesterday. it was pure unadulterated fun with the boys – i’m beginning to suspect i have 2 ang moh nephews, judging from their slang. it’s just so funny listening to them speak. imagine a 5 year old telling you “how are you doing with that?”, “it’s so tough!”, “don’t obstruct me!”. i spent most of my time playing with the boys. oh well, hardly see them so i have to!!

the cheeky young one was playing in the toilet (of all places) and then grabbed me on my legs and refused to let go. -_-”


and then jarrod wanted me to take funny faces photos of him. meet australia’s next top male model contestant 2023.

joel & ann’s party had some really good food; i was over-eating! they had fresh salmon & tuna sashimi, DIY salad, crackers and dips, fried noodles (yums!), baked ham, turkey, satay, shephard’s pie (double yums!), chicken pie, absolutely mouthwatering chocolate truffle log cake from delifrance and ice creams!

anyway, on to today. we only invited aunt & uncle, and one of mum’s friend but prep work started early at 11am, with me baking the devil’s food cake. sadly, it was quite a failure because i couldn’t get the cake to come out of the pan nicely. the bottom was stuck to the pan, so i ended up making a trifle with it. i also made crab & prawn salad to balance out all the meat involved in tonight’s bbq.

sis made sushi which was absolutely yummilicious! and also bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms – that was an absolute hit. she also marinated fresh prawns in hua diao cooking wine.

when the cooking started, we asked our korean neighbours to join us, and boy did it look like a real party then! there was about 15 of us getting food at the same time. pretty scary now i think about it. sis and i were kinda taken aback at how they devour the food, and were worried that we won’t have enough food to go around. luckily auntie (korean neighbour) brought out some food they had – kimchi, marinated pork and streaky pork (wu hua rou). the wu hua rou was really good! very crispy, my favourite of the night! the koreans can really bbq well, so now we know who to invite if we want some good bbq! haha.

cleanup was quick too cos of the korean army we had. everyone helped in cleaning up and washing the corridor (we stay in a point block, so we have a big corridor).

funny thing was that the common language between korean auntie and my dad & uncle was not english, but MALAY. yea. the korean family stayed in indonesia for some time before they came to singapore, so auntie could speak bahasa indonesia which was pretty similar to bahasa melayu.

hope you guys had a merry christmas, just like me! happy holidays!

McDonald’s. Still No. 1

I’m constantly amazed by the level of service McDonald’s provides. This morning, I ordered breakfast online and when the delivery guy came, I failed to check the order properly and didn’t see that an egg mcmuffin was missing till 10 minutes later when I wanted to take my order out from the bag. So I called up McDonald’s and told them about the missing mcmuffin and the lady checked everything promptly and called me back to tell me that they will be delivering my mcmuffin to me shortly. no accusations that i DID receive and was lying (to get another free mcmuffin), no fingers pointing, no nothing.

if only burger king does deliveries… sis and i would so be their VIP customers cos we just love their breakfasts!!!

p/s: i really didn’t receive the egg mcmuffin ok… it wasn’t that i was trying to 骗吃!!

@ justin’s – always a riot

we (kenny and me) went to justin’s place for his 21st birthday party tonight. as usual, anything organized by him is fun. i’m always amazed by the boy’s maturity level. it’s just surprising to see a young boy with an old soul. the words he speak, the way he sees things. i’m older than him, but i think he can be much more mature than me (oh, isn’t everyone?)

besides being good in languages (did i tell you this boy is a fantastic MC and just spouts wisdom nuggets all the time?), IT-savvy, he takes really great pictures. justin printed out LOADS of photos he took when we were in Perth, and put them into albums for guests to view. flipping through the albums sure brings back memories – makes all of us nostalgic. he once took a picture of me and it’s my favourite picture to date. favourite of all times!

it was great seeing the UWA people again. everyone’s all graduated and working adults now. no more students. i think we all miss the old days.

happy birthday mr ko!! *how lucky are you to be spending your 21st birthday here… otherwise, i’m sure siva, eddy and the gang will tekan you! hahaha…