i thank those who sent me a little something throughout the darkest times to keep me going on when i doubted myself.

i still have those sms-es from kenneth’s times. those sent all the way from SG to AU, sent when everyone was busy mugging for exams, sent when i was in their thoughts.

thank you.

face next door?

while watching the superband 2 finals a few nights ago, i saw the winner of the first season, milu bing, performing. and then, i realised that the lead singer of the band reminds me of someone. nick bloodworth. yea, somehow, that arrogant and cocky look reminds me of nick. and coincidentally, both are called nic. ha.

and then, i was also reading someone’s blog. someone who is also a singaporean called daphne who is currently in perth. and her fiance, reminds me of kenneth.

yea. weird. it brings a whole lot of mixed emotions back.

I know it’s been long

September is almost over. Finally. The mad rush to chase sales is over, and here’s to a better year at work.

I had a great time with the girls over dinner the other night. We had dinner at Cafe Iguana, which I thought was just alright. I still prefer Cha Cha Cha @ Lorong Mambong. Lots of catching up, complaints about work and weirdo colleagues, and just loads of crazy laughter. ‘Twas fun.

1 year since I graduated from uni.
3 years since poly.
7 years since secondary school.

I’m getting old. Meet up with old friends soon!!!

On another positive note, I scored myself a pretty blue shirt from Mango during the Isetan Private Sale event.

da ba dee

Had a great time with blip last night. Nothing too schmancy fancy, just a simple dinner with her, great chats and some light window shopping. Both of us have really grown a lot (well, maybe it’s just her, I’m still pretty much the same childish one). Her job sounds interesting – marketing and HR. Loads of weird resumes to perk up the boring days.

And she’s having her convocation today! Makes me miss school loads. We should do this more often.


I think I really like my colleagues loads. They keep me filled with laughter and happy thoughts. Thanks guys.

unexpected words

car-fanatic suddenly told us to be careful on the roads this month. i thought it was because he had insider information about traffic ops or what. then he said it’s now the (lunar) 7th month – better to stay on the safe side, eh?

i thought it was sweet and thoughtful of him to tell us such things. i won’t be able to tell you people such things personally, but you guys better be careful on the roads too. especially you who like to stay out late.

pulling a dawn yang trick?

it’s funny that i received an email from my ex-business partner, demanding that i apologise to her publicly (in 4 different places no less) for a “slandering post”.

Dear Daphne,

This email is written in regards to your post in on the 13th July 2008. In it I quote you,

Following my departure from StickyChewyChoc (and no, I did not leave SCC “for my own pursues in life” as what my ex-business partner has said – I’m not a liar and I don’t condone lies either)

By writing this statement shows that you are implying that me, being your ex-business partner is a liar. You have also included StickyChewyChoc, which I own. Your post has deeply affected me and StickyChewyChoc. I have discussed with my parents about this issue, unless you show me that you have absolute proof that I was lying, I am now demanding you to remove your post and I request for a public apology for spreading malicious rumours about me and StickyChewyChoc in the following sites for a minimum of 2 months:

1. Both of your blogs- and
2. Les Dames –
3. Your livejournal account –

In it, you must expressively make these points:

1. Your public apology should specifically be for me (

, Jacqualine and supergirl(: ), and stickychewychoc at
2. You did not have any specific proofs that I was lying.
3. You were out to make a malicious comment towards me and SCC.
4. You are sorry for the distress and the harm caused towards me and SCC.
5. You must clarify that both SCC and I are not liars such that whatever you have mentioned do not affect SCC’s business.
The public apology should be clear and not made private or password-locked. Forum surfers, your blog readers and your potential customers should also be able to access to your public apology without any problems. The thread in Les Dames should be visible for the entire 2 months. I hope to see the proof, or the public apology in three (3) days – that is by Thursday, 17 July 2008, 1800hours.

If I do not receive the proof or public apology which I have stated above, I will then consult with my family lawyer to have lawful actions taken against you.

yes, in my beauty blog, i wrote

Following my departure from StickyChewyChoc (and no, I did not leave SCC “for my own pursues in life” as what my ex-business partner has said – I’m not a liar and I don’t condone lies either)

why? because i left SCC not because of my own pursues in life as she has said. what happened was her bf decided to buy me over, saying that he wants to use SCC as a platform to help save up for their marriage.

now, ex-partner, do you NOT remember what edwin said? it’s funny that you can forget such a thing because just a couple of weeks before he said this, you specifically mentioned to me that marriage plans with him are on hold because he said so. so when he mentioned that he wants to use SCC to earn money to save up for marriage, i raised my eyebrows. and since he has made such a request, can i say no to not stepping back and allowing you two to go ahead with marriage plans? so no, i did not withdraw from SCC for my own pursues in life. i withdrew from SCC because ex-biz partner’s bf WANTED to buy me over.

irritating me. irritating people.

I’ve been exceptionally angsty since May, and I do not like it one bit.

1) punctuality
Mum and dad included, I CANNOT tolerate people being late. And they don’t even bother to inform, treating it lightly. I just get super irritated when people don’t even have the courtesy to send a simple msg ‘will be late’.

2) loads of empty promises.
‘nuff said.

3) keeping inner thoughts to myself
I’m one who needs to let it all out. But somehow, there are so many things that I’ve been keeping to myself lately. I end up talking to myself when I’m alone, and last heard from Xtine, this behavior is called being crazy.

4) crying almost every other day

5) pretending to be someone you’re not
I hate fakeness and pretenses. Saying words and doing things that you don’t mean. Why even bother when you’re the antagonizer? Call me naïve, but isn’t it taxing to lead a double life? And stop being delusional. For goodness sake!

The reality of life sucks. Good things do NOT happen to good people. So why do I bother to be nice when I always end up at the losing end? I don’t know.


Hazel, I hope you are happier with Him, without irritating people and backstabbers. Sorry I couldn’t see you off, simply hurts too much.

Love, D

paying tribute

it came as a shock to me on thursday night. i haven’t been online for the past week, and all of a sudden i received news that you’re in a coma. what?!

i haven’t got the chance to discuss with you the future of the forum. how to get rid of backstabbers. and our voodoo doll and bitching session with jess and the rest? we’ve yet to do that too. nevermind that mtb said the online world is full of fake and virtual people. you know ppl like me, jess and mendy are here as true friends. we’ve known each other for so long since FP days, you’re a dear friend to us. but before we can take our friendship a step further into the ‘real’ world, you’ve left us. you’re such a strong girl, why did you weakened?

i want to let you know you don’t have to feel sorry, feel bad about doing things without my knowledge and/or permission. i’ve never blamed you. you’ve been a great help. your presence is being missed by all in the forum. you’ve been with me thru the ups and downs of the forum. i know LD is the result of your hard work, and that you left not because you were sick of the forum, but rather, you hated the fakeness of the backstabbers. to me, you will always be part of the admin team, an admin together with me. don’t worry, i’ll get rid of the backstabbers and get help for the forum.

i know He has taken you to a better place where you will continue to do good. i’ll try not to cry for you too much cos i know that’s not what you want. and i’ll try not to miss him too much too because you’ve showed me that it’s possible to get over someone you once loved dearly.

hazel, i miss you already.


i am so fucking pissed off. nbccb.

with everything. everyone.

i’ll do this to whoever pisses me off further.


想哭,又哭不出。需要肩膀,但又太远。where’s neer when i need him again? =(

thank you bff.

Supergirl! says (11:47 PM):
i read your last post, many things i wanna tell u
1. you’d always be my BFF. even when you’re stupid and you don’t see it
so, we wont like not be BFF just because of external factors
Supergirl! says (11:48 PM):
2. if you dare to mutilate yourself physically or mentally
come to me, i will mutilate you with my words
3. if you cannot stop all these nonsense, i will write into your company, and get them to either fire him, or you.
4. and i will tell your mom!
5. i dun wanna see u like that cuz it hurts me!
Supergirl! says (11:49 PM):
6. you’re stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid, but what can i do? i love u anyways and i’ll always pick you up when u fall
ok now go think about it

Thank you BFF. You always make me laugh with your words, and I know I don’t want to be strangled by sashimi, get roti johns thrown at me, and be BBQed with sausages. =)