Packing for an overnight trip (or any short trips)

Every year, around October/November, there are bound to be articles on “the best Christmas markets to visit”, and thus, we picked Dresden off the list (Bremen is also on the list – woo hoo!). Though Dresden is also within Germany, we didn’t realise that it is a good 6-8 hours away from where we are! We contemplated for quite a while but still decided to go ahead with it because travelling within Europe was one of our “things to do in Europe”.

We’re heading off to Dresden tomorrow morning via bus (it leaves at 6.50am!!) and we will be there for a night, before heading back in the afternoon. It will be a really short trip since we will reach Dresden at 2.30pm on Saturday, and leave for Bremen at 2.30pm Sunday.

As usual, I always start packing the toiletries first. We won’t have much clothes to bring since it’s only 1 night stay.

I now have a day and night skincare routine since the cold season requires different products from SG. But I tried to pare it down and just bring multi-tasking products with me for this trip. You’ll probably see twice as many products for my Copenhagen trip coming end December.


I’m going to use my favorite cosmetic pouch freebie that I got from Elle magazine some years back. It’s a good size for overnight trips and I love that it says “beauty junkie” on it. So cute (though I’m not a full fledged beauty junkie. Yet.)

So for cleansing, I have packed the Balea Soft & Clear cleansing wipes from DM. I have used these previously for my Paris.Milan trip and have some leftover. It contains salicylic acid and is meant for acne-prone skin like mine. It doesn’t remove makeup very well, but then again, it is not a makeup remover wipe.

I must have my Clean & Clear active clear acne gel with me, because I don’t want to take chances. I have been using this acne gel for some time now, and I really love it. It dries out any emerging pimple within a day or two, and doesn’t make my skin dry. It also contains salicylic acid which we all know is good for clearing pores. I love it so much that I brought 2 backup tubes with me to Germany.

All along, I have decanted SK-II facial treatment essence into that clear spray bottle, even for use at home since the original bottle is bulky and heavy. The spray bottle also allows me to control the amount I use (I use 3 sprays into my palm and pat it lightly over my skin), so nothing is wasted. I only started using it religiously for a couple of weeks, so I can’t tell if it is working or not.

I have also started using L’Oreal Skin Perfection serum recently as age is catching up on me, and I find my skin very dull. I saw this in DM, came home to read some reviews on it, and decided to give it a go. I only use this in the morning since it’s a new product and I don’t want to overload my skin.

B.Liv off with those heads is another of my favorites to keep blackheads away. I’ve been using it for at least 6 years now, and luckily they ship worldwide, so I can always order it easily when I run out.

I’m also paranoid of getting freckles and pigmentation as my mum suffers from it, so she’s been advocating for us to use sunscreen from a young age. But I don’t like European sunscreens as they are often heavy, sticky, oily and has a weird scent. I love Japanese sunscreens like this Biore UV Perfect bright milk with SPF50. It has a light texture and applies with a dry finish.

My lips have been peeling lately because I got lazy and didn’t apply lipbalm. It feels really uncomfortable and I hate it, so I’ve gone back to applying Carmex like a good kid. I’ve raved about it in a previous post.

In my previous post, I also mentioned that I bought a couple of travel sized products, and they are the Balea shampoo and alverde conditioner. My hair has been dry lately because I’ve been using the caffeine shampoo for hair loss, so I decided that I need something moisturizing. I don’t really understand German, but I do know that “trockenes Haar” means dry hair, so I picked these 2. And also because they smelt good. Haha.

To combat the flyaway hairs, I’m bringing the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. I bought this travel sized one some time back in SG and brought it over with me. Evidently I haven’t been using it faithfully, thus the state of my dry frizzy hair and that 30ml can last me this long.

The pouch is by no means light, because the L’oreal bottles are made of glass, and I have tons of stuff for just one night. So I wanna know what are the items you pack in your cosmetic/toiletries bag for an overnight trip? Please share with me!


Geek speak

So I went to the Sitex fair over the weekend and splurged on a desktop that I’ve been wanting to buy for sooooooo long. I initially wanted a Dell but sis helped me look around and found that Acer was a better deal. So Acer it was. Total price paid: $1472, including 2 years extended warranty from Harvey Norman.

Aspire X3950 (i65MR41)
The sleek all-black Aspire X3950 boasts a great choice of configurations, providing flexibility and scalability for all your personal computing needs.
Windows® 7 Home Premium , Aspire X3950 (i65MR41T) , Intel® Core™ i5-650 processor (3.20GHz, 1333 MHz FSB, 4 MB L2 cache) , , NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 320 (1GB Dedicated RAM) , 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD , DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer Drive , Multi-in-1 card reader , Wireless 802.11b/g/Draft-N LAN , Wireless keyboard & mouse

Acer Aspire X3950

Acer S231HL
The 23″ Acer S231HL monitor showcases a super-slim, space-conscious design, with special attention paid to eco-friendliness via energy-saving white LED backlighting, ENERGY STAR® compliance, and more. The monitor is only 15 mm and consumes up to 68% lower power, HDMI™ and DVI interfaces enable you to connect to the latest high-definition devices for the sharpest video ever.

Acer S231HL

It’s an illness

There must be something very wrong when you log into Twitter 24/7. It was the first app I downloaded on my iTouch. It was the program that caused me to neglect this blog (besides the numerous kDramas and laziness). Twitter is such a convenient way to update people who bother to be updated with my mundane life. An instant way to let people know where I am, what I’m doing, eating, drinking, buying, watching etc and vice versa.

You know you’re addicted to Twitter when:

  • it is the first thing you check when you wake up in the morning
  • it is the first website you log into when you reach office
  • it is always in the background when you’re on the computer
  • you refresh the site every 2 minutes to see if there’s any update from anyone you’re following
  • you reply immediately to any message that comes in
  • you signed up for an account that lets you update your Twitter account on the go
  • you feel edgy when you are unable to check your friends’ Twitters.
  • you’re elated when WordPress finally has a Twitter widget and the Tweet button

Seek help if you’re like me.

It’s an addiction

I’m definitely addicted to online shopping. Every once in a while (ok… every week), I get a kick out of virtual shopping, even if I don’t buy anything. I just like to browse through and see if there’s anything new, cheap or interesting. Unless I have a lot of things (which I go to Gmarket Korea), I usually shop at Gmarket Singapore. Love Gmarket! They have just about everything, there are even sellers who sell KIMCHI and seaweed sheets from Korea! 제미있다

I bought some tops from Jennieshop recently and they were of reasonable quality, pretty designs and most of all, cheap! I wore one top to work recently and met my aunt on the way back. She mentioned that the top looks nice, and I coolly gave the top to her after I changed out of it cos it was cheap enough to give away! Made both of us happy! I’ve bought stuff from Jennieshop previously and she has always maintained a high quality of service and product quality! Thumbs up!

I also bought some knick knacks such as foot paddle file, nail files, and post it notes! Hahahaha!
Post-it Notes – they look cute but aren’t really worth it. Don’t stick well.

Odor remover sticker for shoes – it comes in a pack of 3, but not in the box like below… only those normal plastic bag

Bra clips (now you see it, now you don’t!) – Comes in a pack of 5

Items above are from this seller

iPod Touch casing

Since buying my iPod Touch, I’ve been on the lookout for a casing that protects the player and the screen. The silicone casing that I got free with the purchase of the player was a cheap one that didn’t help to protect much (my week old Touch had scratches on the back!! SAD) and it didn’t fit well when I tried to connect the cable without taking out the case. Most of the shops only sold iPhone casings and/or silicone Touch casings. I even contemplated ordering from US if I couldn’t find a satisfactory one locally! That’s how bad I want a good casing for my player. Well… if I’m going to spend close to $500 for a player, a few more tenners wouldn’t make much of a difference.

My previous Nano had a silicone casing from Sumajin and I loved it! It came with a wire wrap (which sadly has gone missing now) and it served its purpose well. My Nano is close to 4 years old now and the casing is still in good condition, albeit a little yellow (I got the clear silicone one which turned yellow with age). So I went back to Sumajin after failing to find my desired casing in Apple stores and Apple online store, and lo and behold, they had just what I need, with an affordable price tag too!! Only thing was that it was difficult to find – I had to go all the way to Takashimaya just to buy the casing.

My iPod Touch nestled in its new home. Shocking lime green, I like! It comes in 10 different colours, and I’d have liked a red one but the store only had green, blue and pink when I was there. The exterior is black leather (definitely fake!) which is soft to the touch and comes with a Velcro fastener. The design was slim and handy, and the Touch fitted in snuggly. It also came with a belt clip at the back, which can add bulk and is seemed as uncle-ish but that’s alright. Price is $24.70 – very reasonable!

Gmarket Korea Haul #2

This time, I ordered some really small items (wire cable wraps, a pudding BB cream – shall blog about it once I’ve used it enough to review, and 2 cute powder puffs from Etude House). Really, I reckon the items would only be around 500g or so. But because Gmarket is so careful with packing, they packed my items in a box like this:

I didn’t take pictures of the powder puffs (I mean, do you really need to see a picture of powder puffs?! They are basically all about the same) and the pudding BB cream cos the cream has not settled down and looks gross – lumpy and weird. The only picture I took of my loots was the cute cloud wire wraps:

You’re supposed to wind the cable on the dog-bone structure and use the cloud to ‘hide’ it so all you see is that cute cloud.

I bought the cable wraps together with another colleague (we bought like 7 wraps together) and the nice seller included a heart-shaped number lock freebie. Nice – could use it during my Macau trip later this month.

The wraps were fairly cheap, but the seller had weighed them in at 1kg each, and that jacks up the initial shipping fee we had to pay. Of course Gmarket will refund the extra paid when they do a final weigh-in before they ship the entire package to me, but it would be nice if we didn’t have to pay the extra 19,900won upfront. It just locks my money in and I have to spend more on Gmarket now.

Wire wraps: 하이델

Pudding BB Cream: 케이미

Powder puffs: 에뛰드하우스 직영샵

Gmarket Korea haul #1

People always say… a picture speaks a thousand words… I have 3 pictures for this post, so that’s a 3,000 word essay?! I made my first purchase on Gmarket Korea last week, after browsing the website for 10,000 times. Finally I mustered courage and ordered even though I don’t understand 80% of the website. I really have to thank Sonia because she helped me a lot when I was confused with the website!

I ordered the items on 21st April, and they arrived at my doorstep on the 26th. Talk about fast service and shipping!

The total order came up to 77,400won, + 21,300won for shipping. Not exactly the cheapest shipping fee, but hey, it only took 5 days (including domestic shipping and the weekend) for the items to arrive.

I bought the shoes together with my colleagues from this seller, 제이에스슈, and the cleansers  from 에뛰드하우스 직영샵. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the shoes I bought because they don’t fit me and my sis sold it to her colleague instead (I bought a size too big, next time I shall buy exactly as my foot measures instead of trying to buy a size bigger hoping for a more comfortable  fit).

The shoes came up to roughly S$20 per pair (depending on design) which I thought was not too expensive. The quality of the shoes was quite good too, soft and comfortable. Doesn’t  feel like it’s going to cause blisters. If only the  seller had more stock on the 240 size (about size 37 for URS shoes), I’d reorder again!

I shall update on my 2nd Gmarket Korea haul soon!

GMarket is Addictive!!!

I ordered some shoes together with my colleagues earlier this week, because I found a seller that has TONS of ballet flats, and ballet flats are like our staples in the office (heels really kill our ankles). So I’m now waiting for the shipment to arrive, and I’ve already put in another order for some cute cable/wire wraps… I think I’ll wait for GMarket to refund some of my shipping fees before I put in another order. Heh.

Can’t wait for my first order to arrive!!!

Anyone still uses Tupperware?

I think Tupperware is a really successful brand in Singapore, along with Pampers, Kotex and Darlie & Colgate. Why? Most of us use these brand terms interchangeably with the products themselves. Meaning, I can use the word Tupperware, when I’m actually referring to just disposable plastic containers used to store food. They need not be real Tupperwares, but the other party would know.

Or when a baby needs to change his diapers, people would more often than not go “did you bring the baby’s pampers?” even if they are using Mamy Poko or Huggies for the child. Great marketing and branding strategies!

Anyway, my point is, I used to have a lot of Tupperware (the real deal) at home when I was younger (ok, still do) as my aunt used to dabble in it. Just wondering if they are still around in SG now. I love them for their stackable designs and durability.

I need a water jug for work and was snooping around the TPW website… wow, I didn’t know they have so many other interesting things!

I’m all for using reusable containers to bring food to work (except for oily stuff and stuff with really strong smells as the container tend to trap the smells. Sorry!).

This is just what I need… I’m so in love with these. We have a ton of them at home in all different sizes and depths and they’re wonderful! I think we had ours for close to 8 years now, and still very good!

How cool are these?!!! Never have a decorated cupcake damaged again!

Can you tell I’m really obsessed with such storage solutions?