As what people say… when the cat is away, the mice come out to play. My boss will be away the entire week for a conference (but I’ll be joining her Wed-Fri) so I can take a breather today and tomorrow. I will still do whatever that needs to be done, of course… but maybe, just maybe, I can take longer lunches and longer tea breaks, catching up on blog posts and reads. And perhaps plan my shopping list for Sydney!

It’s only Monday, so chin up people! 😀

*Some of you may be wondering what has my entry got to do with the picture… it’s a picture of the Freedom Tower! I never knew about it till I googled for pictures to go along with this post.. so pretty isn’t it?

someone touched your life?

it’s been a sad day at work today. my boss left the company and though i’ve only been with the company, under his care, for 2 years, it was still hard to see him go. he’s been a wonderful boss, almost like a father to me, teaching me many new things, how to improve myself and succeed at work.

i was surprised i didn’t cry at both farewell parties we held for him, knowing what a crybaby i am. i was trying hard not to, trying my best to think about funny stuff, get distracted, not look at those who were tearing.

all the best to him, and hope to see him soon!

How sweet…

Yesterday, I felt really blessed to have great colleagues and friends. My ex-sales boss invited me out for lunch yesterday and much to my surprise, it was because I mentioned to another colleague that I wanted to go to this quaint little restaurant in the east. I actually only asked IT guy out (together with the wife) but he mentioned it to my ex-boss who decided to have an ‘ex-department’ lunch. So we went all the way from the west end to the east side, just because I was craving for the food there.

To me, they’re not only my colleagues. They’re like family – my brothers, my uncle. 🙂

pet peeve

really don’t like to set aside time for people just to be 放飞机.

hate it, in fact.

I hate dressing up and then waiting for a call that never comes. Then getting irritated with the long wait, I end up having to call the other party to know what’s keeping them so long, only to hear “oh, sorry I cannot make it”. I get that quite a lot and I wonder if it’s because I’m too obliging at times. Yet, I find it hard to say ‘no’ and I don’t like to be late or keep people waiting, so I end up being the silly one.




那时,从波斯回来,刚好在机场遇到他,本以为跟他握手,say hello,可是他人很热情,竟然跟我说 why so formal (shaking hands), give me a hug。让我又惊又喜。大家可别想歪。我不是喜欢她,只是觉得我在他身上学了很多道理。他比我年轻,却比我成熟。


Sensitive much?

A colleague just left us today (as in left the company, not the world). Yep, she’s the one the girls don’t really like cos she’s a little weird in terms of character and the way she works.

So anyway, important thing is that she actually tendered in yesterday (while my boss was away at a meeting and wouldn’t be back till today) and her last day is today.

I never had a good vibe about her since she joined us earlier this year. She’s always asking for sensitive information out of her job scope, and actually insisting for it, trying to pull ranks when all else fails. I always had this feeling that she’s up to no good and it might be due to the differing positions (oh yea, I’m just a lowly executive) that made her to treat me with no respect despite that I have been in the company just slightly longer than her. Always questioning my moves and actions, asking me to furnish her with hard copies of everything that she didn’t need to know or have.

Now that she’s gone, of course I wish her all the best. I may not like her at all, but I don’t wish for anything bad, neither do I wish for her to leave. I have always said this to my colleagues: I don’t mind her staying in the company IF she actually walks the talk and does her own work, rather than saying she’s very busy all the time, and pushes her responsibilities to others. And it isn’t so bad if she actually comes up with something good; most of the time, you don’t know what is she busy with, and there are no results to show!

We were clearing her desk after work (we had to stay back to complete her unfinished work since she left so urgently) and another colleague mentioned that those sensitive information she requested when she first joined us are nowhere to be seen… Oh well, let’s just hope for clearer skies ahead.