Eat, Drink 吃喝

Sigh… so many things to eat, but only 1 stomach. Worse still, I gain weight easily but hate to exercise. Must make my calories count! If I’m going to gain weight eating, I rather make sure the food’s worthwhile! Here’s a list of the places I want to try, in no particular order.

  • Morton’s Steakhouse
  • Melben crabs
  • Wooloomooloo steakhouse (have not managed to try it yet, but we ❤ its sister steakhouse, The Chop House)

And here’s a list of places I’d go back again and again!

  • Chinese – Din Tai Fung
  • Chinese – JPot
  • Dessert – Blackball
  • Dessert – Chocolat’ N Spice muffins
  • Italian – Pasta Fresca
  • Italian – Galbiati Gourmet
  • Italian – La Nonna
  • Japanese – Koh Sushi bar & grill
  • Japanese – Tonkichi
  • Japanese – Keisuke Tonkotsu King
  • Local – Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee (OMFG Goooooooood) Review 1
  • Western – Grub Review 1 | 2| 3

I’ve also started packing my work lunches recently and blogged some of my recipes. Check them out below if you’re interested.

Baked egg muffins
Carrot ginger soup
Cottage pie
Easy chicken schnitzel
Garlic chicken
Hearty beef chili

Meatballs in tomato sauce
(Not your usual) Minestrone soup
Polenta pie
Sausage bacon puff rolls

Tuna pasta bake

Almond chocolate muffins
Apple cinnamon muffins
Chocolate yogurt cakes

Pandan chiffon cake
Oatmeal raisin cookies

ABC soup
Baked katsu
(not-so-authentic) Bibimbap
Braised meat

Fish in tomato sauce
Fried bee hoon
Mapo tofu
Mayonnaise fried rice
Oatmeal congee
Otah seafood pasta
Okara salad
Pork & potato in soy sauce
Sambal fried rice
Sambal okra with prawns
Seaweed chicken bites
Shoyu eggs
Soba salad with honey soy dressing
Tuna tofu patties

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